London Spitfires are Back in the Fight

2018-02-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

By the End of Match two, both the London Spitfire and the Los Angeles Gladiators have each taken a match win from the other. The outcome of this quarter-final match remained all but decided. That is until, London came alive. 


The first payload map was Junkertown. Both teams made good time to the third point with minutes to spare. London managed to finish the map with 50 seconds left on the clock. Gladiators reached the same location only to stall out for nearly 5 minutes. Bischu sent several lethal DVa bombs to initiate, but Profit countered each push with a Dragonstrike, leaving the Gladiators’ pushes in shambles.


The next map was LiJiang Tower. After losing a close game on Junkertown, the Gladiators charged back at London, looking to even the score. However, London had no plans of going down and charged right back. Profit on Pharah flanked the point from every angle, blowing away the Gladiators’ defenses. Birdring out-dueled Surefour on Widowmaker at every turn and ended the map with a whopping 35% critical accuracy.


King’s Row was the Gladiators’ last bastion. After their showing on Wednesday, surely they had a chance to turn this match back around, but London showed no mercy. Capitalizing on every advantage, London closed in and ended the Gladiator’s playoff run in the fourth round.


The Gladiators had a great run this season, making themselves known by showing up in Stage 4 with sights set on winning the Playoffs. The London Spitfire, however, shot their dreams out of the sky by closing out the match with a 3-0 sweep and qualifying themselves for the semi-finals.


Darien first entered the competitive gaming scene playing Pokemon, and fell in love with Hearthstone and Overwatch soon after. After enrolling in his University's esports program, he became captivated by the Overwatch League, and now he's ready to make his mark on the scene with insightful, informative features.
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