London Spitfire – Top Three Take Aways from Post Game Press Conference

2018-07-18 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire won the Overwatch League Grand Finals this weekend. After the match we were lucky enough to sit in the media room with the team and ask a few questions. Here are some of the highlights.


Bdosin and Nus

Bdosin is hysterical. He definitely owned the post game press conferences with his funny sense of humor. Even in Korean, he had the room laughing at his reactions. One of the high points was when we asked Bdosin and Nus about their support duo tactics. Here is what we got back:


“I think throughout the playoffs both the DPS duo and the Support duo got into a lot of arguments. There was a lot of friction between the play styles. It was just a process that you have to go through to fix each problem as a team. Also, I really want to thank Nus. We fought a lot.” – Bdosin.

“They fought the most of all of them” – Susie Kim. 

“We were able to consolidate our differences to be where we are today. So Thank you Nus for being the airbag for my emotional explosions!” – Bdosin.


2018-07-14 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


“For me personally in preparing for the playoffs I wanted to make sure I molded my play style to fit with everyone else. Everyone is really good on my team. In that process once in a while Bdosin will say a thing or two and arguments will heat up, but because we argued so much we were able to come up with some amazing plays and today was really the result of all that” – Nus.


Susie Kim 

The amazing General Manager responded to a question about the passion to her team when answering a question about how she feels on the victory from


“Pretty Good! I have been in esports a really long time and I wanted to thank Jack (Etienne) for trusting me with this team and being the General Manager. There is definitely some decisions I am sure he questioned. Aside from me being female or male, I have put in the work and I care about my team. I care about the organization I work for. I think anyone can do that. I am super proud of being a part of this. I’ll stop because I will cry” – Susie


Jack Etienne

Had a great answer on how he built the team. Asked by Akshon Esports:


“We have a collection with KongDoo and GC Busan, then we picked up Fury and Nus on our own. In all cases we saw greatness in these players. From there we had to figure out how to forge a team within those people. That was a much harder job than I expected, as in a lot of things with life, the things you struggle with on a daily basis are the most rewarding when you get to what your goal is. I don’t think this championship would be as sweet as it is here if we had not gone through that struggle. Coming into playoffs after going that, I feel like we were unbeatable and you saw that tonight.” – Jack


The press conference was short, but these were definitely the high points. It is great to see London succeed as the team humbly left the room Jack stayed to shake hands and answer a few more questions, we laughed about the Spitfire’s chances against the South Korean World Cup roster, but never got a full answer.

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