It’s coming home? London Spitfire Dominate the Gladiators in Second Match

2018-05-05 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

After a rather disappointing start from the London Spitifre in their first Playoff match, they had to change things up. The Gladiators themselves came in as the clear favorites this times around. And what a great match that was, the Spitfire finally back to playing as a unit, with great plays from each player. Especially Birdring and Profit played out of their minds and had some of the best games in a while. A well-deserved win in the second match, which will be decided in the third and last match.



The attack from the Spitfire was all about Profit on Brigitte. They almost flew through this map. After the second point, Surefour had to switch to Brigitte himself, but that still wasn’t the answer. One after another, the Gladiators fall to the Spitfire onslaught. Just mere meters in front of the third point, the Gladiators finally managed to turn the fight around and held.

The attack started off great for the Gladiators, even though more slowly. The push slowed down more and more during the second part of the map. The Spitfire wanted to set a statement on the first map and held the enemy before the second point.


2018-07-11 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment



Birdring on Widowmaker opened with two kills, instantly ending the fight and getting them the point. The Spitfire dominated every fight, right into overtime. A short outburst from the Gladiators, who came out with a Soldier and Doomfist, almost gained them control of the point. But London Spitfire managed to collect themselves quickly and took the first round.

The Gladiators took the point first and up to 59%, but it seemed almost too easy for the Spitfire to take over the point. Birding on Hanzo and Profit on Pharah played one of their best game in a while without another swap of the point, the Spitfire took map number two.



A great strategy coming out from the Spitfire, the Tracer confusing the backline, while the rest of the team moved in and took advantage. Profit back on Brigitte rushed through the second part yet again, and pushed the Gladiators further and further back. They were unable to stabilize at all and the Spitfire finished the map quickly.

The Gladiators decided for to attack with Pharah, and Surefour even got some nice picks which almost won them the point. In another outstanding performance, the Spitfire managed to hold on and turned the fight in their favor. Seemingly with ease, they held the first point and won the second match.


Nina Schneider
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