Houston Overwatch Team?

In a report out of ESPN, there will now be a Houston Overwatch League spot. This team is being put together by Texas Rangers Neil Leibman and OpTic Gaming. The company has not only applied for a franchise in the Overwatch League but also are looking to buy a spot in the LCS for League of Legends.

This could mark the second of Texas teams that have not officially been added to the roster of teams. We heard reports that Team EnVyUs would be moving into the Dallas spot at some point with a $35 million investment from Ken Hersh.

OpTic Gaming has finalized an investment deal with a group led by Texas Rangers co-owner and Summer Energy CEO Neil Leibman, sources close to the team and group told ESPN.

As a result, the team acquired the Overwatch League slot in Houston — where Leibman is based — for $20 million paid over time. OpTic has also expanded its reach by applying for a spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series and has advanced to Phase 2 of the application process, according to sources. -ESPN

The report goes on to say that Blizzard had been in talks with the Houston Rockets about supporting the franchise, but ultimately that did not work out. No details were really given by either side.

A Texas rivalry would mean a lot in an esports league following the traditional sports model. This leads to how many unannounced cities will have teams in the coming weeks. You can expect places like Washington and Philadelphia to potentially have spots as well as another location in Europe. Also, nothing has been announced on the Tokyo front either. We will just have to wait and see.


Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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