Overwatch League – Houston Outlaws vs. Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion Winston

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Houston Outlaws vs. Philadelphia Fusion was the match of the night in night two. Amazing game play from both teams as they went to five maps. Fusion pulled out the win in this match reminding us of the old FaZe Clan days!


Date: 01/11/2018

Stage: 1

Match: Philadelphia Fusion VS Houston Outlaws


Game 1 (Dorado) Fusion Win 3-2

The Fusion opened the map on offense against the aggressive defense of the Outlaws. They started strong with a convincing push, and nearly took point A on the first try, but regroup briefly to secure the capture. They make good time toward point B and take it as ShaDowBurn racked up a fifteen player kill streak. The Outlaws put up a strong defense on point C, but the Fusion proved to be too much. Philly’s effective ult economy lead to the Fusion capping the final point with 29 seconds left.

The Outlaws had their try next, and got off to a good start on point A with some early teamfight wins. The Fusion came back strong, but it wasn’t nearly enough as some slippery plays from Houston let them squeak by and secure point A. Carpe switched to Widowmaker for point B and did a good job shutting down Bani’s efforts to keep Jake alive- killing him three times off of two separate resurrections, utterly consuming Bani’s Valkyrie resurrections in the process. Despite their sniper struggles, Houston pushed on through to the final point, but stall out before they can finish the map off of an amazing D.Va bomb from Poko. The Fusion take Dorado, 3-2.

Game 2 (Horizon Lunar Colony) Outlaws Win 2-1

The Fusion opened the first round with a fast paced, Lucio-centric dive offense. They take point A convincingly off of the initial teamfight. Despite throwing everything they had at Houston on Point B, Philly just weren’t able to find an answer to the strong Junkrat/McCree defense of the Outlaws.

Having held Philly to just one point, the Outlaws charged in with an interesting, Sombra-focused offense. A few hacks here, a really quick EMP there, and Houston is making its way to point B. With tons of momentum and not much capture percentage required to win, the boys in green make quick work of Philly, and the map.

Game 3 (Oasis) Fusion Win 2-0

Boink and Clockwork swapping in for Bani and Linkzr set Houston up for a scrappy Control map. Both teams opted for a Pharah- a common strategy on Oasis- but ShaDowBurn’s air to air combat was just a little sharper than Jake’s. Philly secured the point quickly and never let go, finishing off City Center 100-0.

Not much changed compositionally between rounds. ShaDowBurn’s dominance persisted, and the Fusion took the point without much resistance. While Houston had some bright moments, it was never enough to flip things their way, and a triple-kill Barrage served as the cherry on top to give Philly the map, 2-0.

Game 4 (Eichenwalde) Outlaws Win 4-3

The Fusion start round one on offense as Linkzr and Rawkus come back to the stage. Philly’s slower Reinhardt-centric comp leaves Carpe open to an early pickoff, but a quick regroup and some minor hero changes led to a quick point A capture. Point B proved to be a little more difficult, but a clutch ultimate from ShaDowBurn paved the way for the Fusion. Making the most of their momentum, Poko throws his ultimate straight into the Outlaws for an impressive triple kill. Houston rallied well, but another ShaDowBurn Dragonblade and some effective on-point brawling won Philly the final point.

Houston took point A without much fuss, but were briefly pushed into their spawn by Carpe as they tried to move the cart out- until Jake’s trap cut him down and gave his team the momentum they needed to get through point B. The Fusion struggled all map long to deal with that Junkrat- and while Poko continued to impress on D.Va, it just wasn’t enough to keep Houston from capping Point C.

With plenty of time and not a lot needed to win, Houston made their way to the point, pushed the Fusion into a corner, and took the map.

Game 5 (Lijiang Tower) Fusion Win 2-0

Tiebreaker time! The Fusion started off with an unconventional triple tank composition, but Houston arrived with an even more unconventional, Moira/Lucio strategy. Fragi and Poko’s impressive tank ultimates kept Philly well protected, despite the Outlaws’ best efforts. The Fusion hold strong and win Control Center 100-0.

The Outlaws went back to basics for round two. With three quick kills from Jake, the Outlaws seemed poised to take the point early, but the Fusion refused to give up. Winning a come from behind fight off of some well coordinated disengagements, Philly took the point. Houston actually managed to take it back, flipping things over at 74%. While the point flip-flopped in the higher percentages, Philly seemed to have all the answers, countering ultimates and burning through health pools with reckless abandon to take the round, take the map, and take the win against Houston in a shocking (to some) victory.

Match Score: 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion Victory

MVP: ShaDowBurn (Fusion)

Match Rating: 8.5/10


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