Houston Outlaws – Head Coach TaiRong Interview

Houston Outlaws Wins

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Houston Outlaws Head Coach Tae-yeong “TaiRong” Kim is known for his solid strategies and fun Twitter posts. He has steered the Outlaws through some top games. Here is what he had to say about Overwatch League and the Outlaws.


OWS:  Houston really impressed fans in Stage One, what do you think were the keys to the teams success?

TaiRong: I think the key to the team’s success is ‘faith’. It is important that players and staff all participate and prepare together, and it’s not just a few players going for goals and dominating matches.


OWS: What made you want to be the coach of the Outlaws?

TaiRong:  One of the main motivations was to challenge myself, and the other was to learn about and adapt to the esports scene in the United States.


OWS: How do you help your team prepare for different matchups?

TaiRong:  Usually I think a lot about how to prepare for the game and I seek out ways to help the team. In particular, I focus on organizing any available information about the members of the opposing teams.


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Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


OWS: Without giving strategies for this week away, what do you think the Meta will be like in Stage 2?

TaiRong: In the beginning, many teams will struggle to adapt to Stage Two meta, but after WEEK 2, teams will find their own solutions to get through it.


OWS: Is there a standout player on the team who particularly surprised you with their performance so far?

TaiRong: Rather than just talk about one player, I would say I’m really surprised by Clockwork and Spree. Even when they were subbing for a while, they would practice, and they would grind hard so that they could jump on the team roster at any time, they were always ready to help the team.


OWS: What’s your working relationship like with Matt (Flame)? How do you balance the responsibilities of running the team?

TaiRong: Language barriers still exist because I can only speak English to some extent, but not speak the same level as a native. Matt provides great support in that area, especially with his rich gaming background.


Outlaws Players Enter the Arena

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OWS: How do you like living in the US? Is there anything that has stood out?

TaiRong: Actually, I’m feeling really comfortable living in the US now, and it’s nice to be able to get anything that I want to order right away, especially gaming gear or other electronic products.


OWS: How do you prepare mentally and emotionally getting through the long days and matches? How do you keep everyone focused?

TaiRong: First, I check to make sure that I’m prepared and ready, then I plan out how to prepare the team for the match. Lastly, I’ll adjust for any last minute issues so that they are fully prepared and not too concerned by the match.


OWS: What do you think your team needs to do to continue to improve in Stage Two?

TaiRong: It’s all about self-maintenance. Even if you win, mistakes and flaws can always creep up on you, so you must aim to prevent them by not getting too caught up in victory that you suddenly become rusty.


Houston Outlaws Fans

2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


OWS: You have a lot of fans and supporters, do you have anything you’d like to say to them?

TaiRong: I hope we’re doing them proud. Thank you very much for supporting our players and our entire team.


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