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Hangzhou Spark / Photo Courtesy Overwatch League

Team Summary 

With a bright color scheme and charismatic roster, the Hangzhou Spark are ready to win and gain fans at the same time. With a roster built mainly from former Contenders players on X6 Gaming and Seven, they come with built-in team cohesion. Support iDK and DPS GodsB come with rave reviews from former teams. While the majority of the roster is South Korean, the two Chinese players on the roster are, to put it plainly, superstars. Team China’s clutch DPS Krystal and main tank Guxue bring hometown hype for the team.

Current Roster 

Yoon “BeBe” Hui-ChangHangzhou SparkSupport/Flex
Xu “guxue” QiulinHangzhou SparkTank
Park “iDK” Ho-jinHangzhou SparkSupport
Park “Ria” Seong-wookHangzhou SparkTank/Flex
Park “Bazzi” Jun-kiHangzhou SparkDPS
Kim “GodsB” Kyeon-BoHangzhou SparkDPS
Kang “Adora” Jae-HwanHangzhou SparkDPS
Jeong “NoSmite” Da-UnHangzhou SparkTank
Cai “Krystal” ShilongHangzhou SparkDPS
An “Revenge” Hyeong-geunHangzhou SparkSupport/Flex

Recent News 

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Overwatch League has added three new Chinese teams during the expansion. Each has their own unique storyline going into this season. The Chinese region has an increased global attraction after the success of their 2018 World Cup team as well as the powerful rosters within their Contenders region. Here are two things each team should look for this upcoming season.

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Back to the Grind: Watchpoint 2019 Preview

Finally, after months of waiting, the first Watchpoint of Season 2 aired — and provided the much anticipated opening week schedule. There were some big changes that will be implemented in season 2 in the hopes of providing a much more dynamic year and taking into consideration the players’ needs.

First, the eight expansion teams were formally introduced. In the Atlantic Division, the Atlanta Reign, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, and Washington Justice were added, along with the Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, and  Vancouver Titans for the Pacific Division.

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Rating and Reviewing New OWL Expansion Team Brands

In the last few months, six of the eight new expansion teams participating in Overwatch League’s second season have revealed their branding and team colors. Fans eagerly await branding reveals, whether to see how new teams fit in the League or to find out how ugly the jersey they’re buying for their favorite player will be. In any case, I found that many media outlets have posted brand updates, but haven’t really passed judgement on them. That’s what I’m here for.  

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