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Team Summary

The Florida Mayhem started the inaugural Overwatch League season with only six players, adding mid-season pickups in an attempt to put together a cohesive team on the fly. With a disappointing bottom 2 finish, the Mayhem are starting with a blank slate for Season 2…literally. Having dropped the majority of their Season 1 roster (aside from DPS TviQ), they are rebuilding around star DPS Sayaplayer with a mostly-Korean team. Time will tell if these changes will allow them to climb the ladder this season.

Current Roster

Yoon “Swon” Seong-wonFlorida MayhemTank
Lee “bqb” Sang-bumFlorida MayhemDPS
Kim “aWesomeGuy” Seong HunFlorida MayhemTank
Kevyn “TviQ” LindströmFlorida MayhemDPS
Jae-mo “xepheR” KooFlorida MayhemTank/Flex
Hyeon-woo “HaGoPeun” JoFlorida MayhemSupport
Ha “Sayaplayer” Jeong-wooFlorida MayhemDPS
Damon “Apply” ContiFlorida MayhemDPS
Choi “Kris” Jun-sooFlorida MayhemSupport

Recent News

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. Houston Outlaws – S2W3

The Houston Outlaws and Florida Mayhem both are entering the latter half of Week 3 with losing streaks. Can Houston get back on their feet and get a victory? Or will the Mayhem blow the Outlaws away and obtain a much needed confidence boost of their own?

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Overwatch League News- Watch Out!: Stage 2, Week 3

There’s a lot to consider as we approach the halfway point of the stage- I know, already, right?- and the playoff picture might start solidifying right here, right now. These matches are gonna be great! But which ones will be the greatest? Well, I’ll tell you.

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Brandon Padilla
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Florida Mayhem Players

Overwatch League – Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem – S2W2

The Boston Uprising looked to prove that they haven’t fallen off the horse in Stage 2, where they haven’t won a single map. They faced the Florida Mayhem, who have taken maps off two of the best teams in the league in Stage 2.

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Chris 'Zerk' Harshbarger
Chris has followed competitive gaming since Halo 2 on Xbox, winning a couple of tournaments as a player. He is a creative writer, gamer, and avid basketball fan on top of following World of Warcraft Arena, Competitive Hearthstone, and Competitive Overwatch.Follow Zerk on Twitter!

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs London Spitfire – S2W2

Florida Mayhem is seeking wins in Stage Two. They faced a tough match in the London Spitfire tonight as both teams kicked off the Thursday matches

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Florida Mayhem Players

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. Philadelphia Fusion – S2W1

The final day of matches in Week 1 of Stage 2. Fusion vs. Mayhem. In this match, Fusion looks to keep their spot as a solid mid-tier team with a lot more to gain. While Mayhem was eager to try and prove their worth, with a great game against New York earlier in the week. Regardless of what team you wanted to see come on top, you knew that they were going to be great DPS plays from each team today. Which will come out on top though? Carpe and EQO or LogiX and TviQ?

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Austin Hanlin
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New York Excelsior Wins

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs New York Excelsior – S2W1

The New York Excelsior start Stage 2 in first place despite losing the Stage 1 championship to the London Spitfire and are looking to extend their lead despite Ark sitting out due to a wrist injury. The Florida Mayhem’s usual entertaining entrance was set aside tonight with the team shouldering up center ramp and bowing their heads in a moment of reflection and recognition of the recent tragic events that occurred in their home region. Read more …

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Overwatch League Stage

Overwatch League Stage Two – Teams To Watch

With Stage 2 on the horizon, let’s look at some of the teams, and what to expect from them this Stage.

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Florida Mayhem Junkrat Logo

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem Sign Sayaplayer and Awesomeguy

The Florida Mayhem have announced on their official Twitter account that they have signed Sayaplayer and Awesomeguy to their roster. This brings them to a current roster of nine players after having previously signed Zappis.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!
Florida Mayhem Player Entrance

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem Sign Hyun-jin “r2der” Choi to Coaching Staff

The Florida Mayhem announced yesterday that they have signed Hyun-jin “r2der” Choi to their coaching staff. r2der brings experience coaching teams in South Korean, most recently coaching Meta Athena in the 2017 Nexus Cup. r2der also played professionally for Team Kongdoo/Kongdoo Panthera in 2016.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. Philadelphia Fusion – S1W5

The last game of Stage 1 saw bottom of the ladder Florida Mayhem facing off again the middle of the pack Philadelphia Fusion. Would the Fusion be able to keep their positive win rate alive and finish the stage at 6-4 or would the 1-9 Mayhem prove they could beat teams that haven’t gone 0-10 for the stage.
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