Overwatch League – The Excelsior are VANQUISHED by the Valiant – S4W3D4

2018-05-23 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Day four of week three for Stage 4 in the Overwatch League saw two huge upsets that can have serious Stage 4 Playoff repercussions for all teams involved. Check out the recap to see what you may have missed…

London Spitfire engulfed by the flames of the Dallas Fuel


In a statistically surprising first map, the Fuel were able to not only maintain a full hold on point A of Blizzard World, but then captured it within 60 seconds from the Spitfire to secure the map win. Mickie’s Brigitte shutdown Profit’s Tracer for most of the first round, and the Sombra bait strategy worked in textbook fashion in the second giving the Fuel an early decisive match lead.


Overwatch League Dallas Fuel

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

In a replay of Blizzard World, the Fuel full hold the Spitfire on Horizon Colony point A and then once again capture the same point A within the early minute of the second round.


After being burned on the first two maps, the Spitfire stormed Lijang Tower’s Control Center on fire. They took control first and amassed 66% of control before the Fuel were able to break through and flip the point. Unfortunately the fire the Spitfire were on engulfed them and the Fuel maintained the hold to win the map. Although the Fuel took the Night Market first, the Spitfire found an updraft and were able to get control of the point to 99% before losing altitude and dropping the point, the map, and the match like an anvil.


The Spitfire decided to actually show up for the fourth and final map, taking all three points (their first points of the match) to which the Fuel quickly answered with their own three points of their own. In overtime the Spitfire took the first point, and were halfway to point B before being stopped by the Fuel. The Fuel returned the favor, and just inches away from securing the win the Spitfire stood their ground and held them for the map win.


This win makes Stage 4 the Dallas Fuel’s best stage to date and keeps them in contention for the Stage 4 finals.


Match Score – Dallas Fuel win 3-1


Los Angeles Valiant vanquish New York Excelsior


The New York Excelsior looked to set the standard early on, making a full three point run on Blizzard’s World and then successfully performing a decisive dominant full hold against the Los Angeles Valiant.


This came to a screeching halt on Lunar Colony where the Los Angeles Valiant performed a full hold on point A, lead by Soon on Widowmaker and Space on Brigitte. Despite amazing plays by Meko on Dva and Saebyeolbe stepping up on Widowmaker, the Valiant are able to get their single tick for the map win through Soon’s Tracer, Agilities on Genji, and Space on Dva. This Valiant map victory broke the 14-map winning streak of the Excelsior


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The New York Excelsior returned to for on Oasis, with yet another top tier performance as Big Boss Pine came in for Saebeyolbe and easily dominated the Valiant. The first map was an absolute Valiant shut out, with zero deaths on the Excelsior side. The Valiant fared better in the Gardens, taking control of the point first. Libero and Anamo run Pharmacy and deliver a rain of rockets from above to allow the Excelsior to flip the point after the Valiant had acquired 39% control… and never gave it up for the map win.


Despite superhero like moves from Pine on Gibraltar, the Excelsior were only able to get two points, falling short of driving the payload home after an intense hold from the Valiant. When it came time for the Valiant to move, the Excelsior tried a Tjorborn bait and switch, but despite stalling it proved fruitless against Agilities on Genji and then Brigitte supported strongly by Custa and Space who won the map and tied the series.


The Valiant took the point first in Nepal, setting the tone for the final map of the series but were unable to follow through on the first map, dropping it to the Excelsior with only 46% having accumulated before the overtime wick burned out. Soon’s Widowmaker, Fate’s Orissa, and Space’s Roadhog were able to run rampant in the Sanctuary and effectively man handled the Excelsior at every possible turn. Saebeyolbe on Widowmaker was an interesting change, but while he may be the best Tracer in the world he is definitely not the Big Boss resulting in the Excelsior dropping the round with 87%. On the final map, despite having returned to Tracer, Saebeyolbe was unable to secure the win with 99% before the Valiant reclaimed the point in the final seconds and pulled out the map and the match win.

This win places the Los Angeles Valiant into first place for the Stage 4 finals and they are the only team undefeated in the stage.

Match Score – Los Angeles Valiant win 3-2


Florida Mayhem fall to the Houston Outlaws


After pushing the Seoul Dynasty to their limits the night before, the Florida Mayhem continue their hunt for their first Stage 4 victory. The Houston Outlaws out of the gate looked to deny them that on Blizzard World. Setting up a solid defense that kept them from the full point run, Rawkus lobbing orbs like a mad man, and then countering with a solid cap and payload push to set the tone for the match.


Horizon Lunar Colony saw much of the same, where the Mayhem pushed from strong positions only run into the Outlaw defensive wall. Denying the Mayhem anything more than two ticks on point A, the Outlaws go into the second round confident that they will easily exceed them. Then the Mayhem woke up, hunkered down on the point, and Tviq’s Junkrat was vital in the shutdown of everything the Outlaws threw at them for the hold and map win.


Houston Outlaws

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Outlaws took first control on Oasis and held the City Center point to 86% before the Mayhem were able to dislodge them. Linkzr and Jake tag teamed with a stun onto followed by a headshot onto Tviq for the flip at 69% and the Outlaws held for the map win. Once in the Gardens the Outlaws ran a Pharmacy combo and secure control first with massive rockets from Jake. The Mayhem push but their advance along with their hopes are shattered by the Outlaws full hold to win the map.


The Mayhem come into Gibraltar having not yet won the map, but on their attack round with insane plays by Logix and Tviq and solid support from Zebosai they are able to get all three points. The Outlaws struggled against the Mayhem defense, but are able to get all three points and push into an overtime round. Still on the attack the Outlaws unleashed, staggered the Mayhem into next week, and rode the payload through point A, point B, and into point C for a PERFECT offensive round. On the Mayhem offensive overtime round, with over two and a half minutes, they cruise into a desperate hold on point A. They finally secure it after the time bank had been eroded to less than thirty seconds, but Arhan uses a Meteor Strike to clear the payload in overtime and end the Mayhem run.



Match Score – Houston Outlaws win 3-1

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