The Dallas Fuel Release Felix “xQc” Lengyel

Felix xQc Lengyel

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

In a statement released on the Dallas Fuel’s page on the Overwatch League homepage Dallas has announced that they have terminated the contract of Felix “xQc” Lengyel. xQc has had no shortage of drama surrounding him since the Overwatch League began, notably receiving a four-game suspension this week.


Dallas signing OGE certainly necessitated a trimming of the roster at the main tank position as they had Cocco, xQc, OGE, and Taimou all capable of playing at that spot. xQc is an immense talent, as acknowledged by the team, but the addition of OGE combined with the associated drama made him expendable.


Dallas has been struggling of late, in part due to a lack of cohesion on the team with regard to their strategy. Dallas should be able to united their players around the play style of OGE and start to turn their match-day performance around.


The second issue they’ve been dealing with is all of the off-stage drama around the team. xQc no longer being on the roster eliminates some of the risk around the off-stage drama, though it’s tough to say how much of what’s been going on behind the scenes is due to him. A lot of players on the Fuel are likely not getting as much playtime as they like, and while xQc is an easy scapegoat, he’s not going to be a cure for that particular problem.

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