Overwatch League- Boston Uprising vs. Shanghai Dragons- S2W3

2018-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Looking for their first ever Overwatch League victory, the Shanghai Dragons do battle with the struggling Boston Uprising. Will the Dragons topple their opponents? Or will Boston rise up and teach Shanghai a lesson?

Starting Lineups


Shanghai Dragons: Altering, Undead, FiveKing, MG, Xushu, Roshan


Boston Uprising: DreamKazper, Striker, Kalios, Note, Neko, Kellex


Map 1 (Volskaya Industries) 3-2 Boston Uprising


Boston began their first attack with a big pick onto Xushu’s D.Va, and with nothing left to convincingly dive DreamKazper’s Widowmaker the Dragons were forced to concede Point A to the Uprising. Looking to snowball with their ultimate advantage, the Uprising charged into Point B and found several kills on the backs of Striker’s Tracer and DreamKazper. Though they tried to contest and stall out the objective, Shanghai was ultimately defeated and Boston finished the map in lightning quick fashion.


2018-02-24 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Looking to equalize, Shanghai launched a blitz triple tank attack that ran over Boston’s supports and let them take Point A incredibly quickly. Trying to get a fast map completion, the Dragons assaulted Point B, but the Uprising held them back thanks to DreamKazper’s Dragonblade. Shanghai came in once more and found enough kills to earn a tick on Point B, but Boston respawns ended up taking them down and they had to retreat once more. Undead switched to Reaper, and with the power of his hellfire shotguns, Shanghai caught Boston by surprise and were able to cleanly take them out, netting them the next two ticks in order to earn their own map completion.


The Dragons’ next several attacks in the following round were quickly halted after DreamKazper’s Widowmaker found kills, but eventually he was dove onto and Shanghai earned a tick on Point A. However, the Dragons were driven off the objective once more, and as time ran out they were unable to get back onto the point.


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Eager to close out the map and go 1-0, Boston opened their second attack round with an aggressive assault that was ultimately shut down after some clutch hooks by MG. However, in the next battle, Boston’s damage dealers were able to take down Shanghai’s supports and this left the tanks with no healing on the point. After cleaning them up, the Uprising took the required amount of Point A to win Volskaya.


Map 2 (Nepal) 2-0 Boston Uprising


Point A – Sanctum


Two opening kills by DreamKazper’s Pharah gave Boston an easy point capture to start the round off, and the Uprising never looked back. Though the Dragons were able to gain some ground, superior tanking for Boston made it impossible for them to challenge the point all round long.


Point B – Village


2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Unfortunately for the Dragons, Roshan was killed early in the first engagement, which ended up resulting in a Boston Uprising snowball and a point capture for them. As with Sanctum, Uprising’s tanks simply outplayed Shanghai’s at every turn, and though Xushu did kill DreamKazper, the Dragons were never able to take the point back and Boston walked away with the map win.


Map 3 (King’s Row) 1-0 Boston Uprising


An early death from Roshan allowed the Uprising to take the choke point on their first attack, and once doing so a combination of Striker and DreamKazper’s damage dealing skills removed most of the rest of the Dragons and gave them the opening they needed to take Point A and get the payload rolling through streets. Impressive staggering let Uprising get it all the way to the Point B gate, but last second heroics from Shanghai forced Boston to retreat temporarily. Boston continued assaulting Shanghai’s position, but MG’s Roadhog found huge kills that ultimately prevented the Uprising from ever getting payload control again as the clock ran out of time.


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Shanghai began their own attack going straight for Point A with a triple tank strategy, but Roshan died early and the rest of the Dragons were unable to find kills of their own. This trend continued for the entire round, with Roshan consistently getting picked off and the Dragons left with no way to challenge Boston. A desperate switch to quad tank gave them a sliver of hope near the end, but ultimately the Uprising held strong and refused to let the Dragons take Point A in order to win the map and the series.


Map 4 (Route 66) 3-1 Boston Uprising


A clutch hack onto MG’s Roadhog by Mistakes’ Sombra ended up opening the door for Boston to commit to an aggressive attack in the first round, and before the Dragons could regroup, the Uprising were able to push the payload to Point A. However, a triple kill from Undead’s McCree allowed the Dragons to stabilize and recuperate their defenses. In the next fight, Mistakes’ EMP caught three players that were followed up on by the Uprising, and Shanghai were left with no way to stop Boston from taking Point B. In order to close the map out, Striker landed a huge Pulse Bomb that found two Dragons players and prevented them from contesting the cart. This made it possible for Boston to roll it all the way through Point C and complete the map.


Boston Uprising Players

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


An aggressive defensive position taken by the Uprising found several of Shanghai’s tanks early on during the Dragons’ attack round, which put them on the backfoot and allowed Mistakes to farm up an EMP which he used in tandem with Kellex’s Tactical Visor to wipe the Dragons. Eventually, in Overtime, the Dragons were finally able to find kills onto Boston supports and this allowed them to push the payload to Point A. However, the Uprising aggressively held Point B as well, and the Dragons were left with very little time on the clock. After a few lost fights, they were soundly defeated by effective use of EMPs and Nano-Boosts.


Match Score: 4-0 Boston Uprising


MVP: Striker

Striker played insane against the Dragons, landing almost every Pulse Bomb and getting several multi-kills when they were needed the most. DreamKazper came in as a runner-up, performing excellently at Striker’s side.


Match Rating: 3/10


This was possibly the worst match in Overwatch League thus far. The Dragons looked the worst they ever have, and Boston cut through them like butter throughout the entire match.

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