NRG Signs Sinatraa for $150K


A new article at ESPN just showed that NRG had signed Jay “sinatraa” Won for almost $150k salary in the Overwatch League. Here is an excerpt from the main article:

North American Overwatch star Jay “sinatraa” Won has signed a $150,000-per-year contract with NRG Esports and joined NRG’s Overwatch League roster, sources close to both parties told ESPN.

The 17-year-old’s salary is $100,000 per year above the league minimum, with revenue-sharing options available, sources said. He is entitled, alongside his future teammates, to 50 percent of team bonuses, per Overwatch League rules.


This is the first big signing announcement we have seen from NRG who have remained fairly quiet. NRG owns the San Francisco franchise in the Overwatch League.



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