Will the Overwatch League be 18 and Over?

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In a recent post on Reddit speculation stemming from a pro stream got a discussion going on whether there would be a minimum Overwatch League player age – 18+. The speculation immediately led to thoughts about how the majority of the Immortals is currently 17. Noah Whinston the Immortals CEO hopped on the thread and while he did not confirm specifically that the league would be 18+ he did specify his entire team would be 18 by the time the league starts.



While this comes as a surprise to some as eSports has a much younger average player age than traditional sports, it does make sense for the Overwatch League. They have said on multiple occasions that they want to be like larger sports organizations and those organizations typically have age and/or education minimums. While it doesn’t appear any amount of college education will be required as of now it does seem in line with their plans for the league to put the age restriction in place.

Further this age restriction will allow them to use some of the other competitions – like APEX and Overwatch Contenders to act as feeder organizations for the main league. Underage and up-and-coming players will compete in these other tournaments and when they prove themselves or come of age they will get signed by Overwatch League teams. This may take a few seasons of the League being around before things shake out this way, but that’s certainly the direction that Blizzard is pushing things.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!
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