Staying Busy in the Off-Season Has Never Been Easier for Overwatch Fans

Bren and Reinforce root for a Dragons win / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

So now that the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League has concluded its regular season, how will you ever get your fix for competitive Overwatch?


Do you miss your weekly fix of amazing Overwatch League games? Well, worry not, because the top 6 teams from the regular season are gearing up to battle for a spot in this season’s Grand Finals in New York City! Quarterfinal matches begin on July 11th, 13th, and 14th, with semifinals taking place July 18th, 20th, and 21st at Blizzard Arena. Once the top two teams are decided, the Grand Finals will take place on July 27th/28th, with a prize of one million dollars. Make sure to read up on the action here and cheer on your favorite team!


What can I Watch in the Meantime?


2018-06-15 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Many of your favorite players are officially in the off-season. Familiar faces like Seagull, Sinatraa, Geguri, Jake, IDDQD and many more are now streaming – often – on Twitch. Other bigtime streamers like xQc, Kabaji, and aimbotcalvin can also satisfy that itch for competitive gameplay. And if you’re looking to improve your skills, you can always find educational streamers like Jayne, Emongg, and Aero.


Some other Upcoming Events

Overwatch Contenders – Ongoing

The greatest arena for budding Overwatch talent is open yet again as Contenders kicks off across a plethora of regions. Teams from around the world are fighting to be noticed by Overwatch League scouts in the hopes of making their mark in the scene. That means good Overwatch for you and me. You can catch all the action here – keep an eye on the Hurricanes this season. They put on a clinic in EU Contenders Season 1, and they’re looking good.


OWL All-Star Weekend – August 25-26

Blizzard has reached out to you, the fans of the Overwatch League, to gather your favorite players on a single stage. The biggest names in the business have come out to compete. It’s a guaranteed spectacle so be sure to watch!



Overwatch World Cup Group Stages – 8/16 – 9/21

Some of the best players and coaches from the Overwatch community have come out from the woodwork to represent their country on the world stage. The third annual OWWC will feature prominent OWL players and community figures that you know and love. It will also draw out the young, budding talent that our community has to offer.


Spectating is Great and all, but what if I want to get a Piece of the Action?

Watching the pros play is nothing short of amazing, but if you want more action, simply look to the community.


Battlefy features several Overwatch tournaments every week that are open to all entrants. Some even supply a prize pool! Sign up with a team or by yourself to get a shot at winning a prize or just to show off your skills!


Image result for core overwatch

CORE Overwatch provides resources to improve as a player and a teammate. Their Brawl system is a loosely structured competitive format that keeps teams invested in their development.

If you want a genuinely competitive experience, but don’t think you’re capable of participating in a tournament just yet, the amateur leagues are for you! They are filled with people just like you; looking for a competitive team environment. Organizations like the Scrub Cup, the Amateur Esports Organizations (AEO), CORE Overwatch, and the UGCLeague all feature tournaments for players anywhere from bronze to diamond and beyond. And if you’re a high-level player looking to increase your analytical ability, you can lend your expertise as a coach! Many of these leagues have discord servers and reddit posts where you can find more information. Occasionally, you’ll also find other organizations that post in places like /r/OverwatchLFT or /r/OverwatchUniversity.


Season 11 kicked off a few days ago, and the new matchmaking features (alongside Symmetra’s intense new rework) will definitely keep you busy. Go get your feet wet in this new version of Overwatch!

Even though the regular season of the Overwatch League is over, the downtime between and now and Season 2 is shorter than you think. There’s plenty to do in the meantime, so don’t despair! Go forth, take chances and enjoy this Summer of Overwatch!



Darien first entered the competitive gaming scene playing Pokemon, and fell in love with Hearthstone and Overwatch soon after. After enrolling in his University's esports program, he became captivated by the Overwatch League, and now he's ready to make his mark on the scene with insightful, informative features.
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