Shanghai Dragons hiring new coaches, manager in major shake-up

2018-05-16 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shanghai Dragons have announced on Twitter that  they are hiring for five new positions in what appears to be a major shake-up for the struggling team.

Positions for new head coach, assistant coach, data analyst, team manager and Korean-Mandarin translator are available. Previous head coach Xingrui “RUI” Wang left the team in May, citing “health issues.” Assistant coach Son “Kong” Jun Young took on head coach duties in the meantime, but it’s unclear whether Kong will continue in his position as assistant coach, or whether Shanghai will also replace Jia “Nai8” Jia, their head analyst.



The management changes might be just the ticket for the Dragons to avoid a repeat of their disastrous first season, in which they went 0-40. Tank player Dongjian “MG” Wu and DPS Chao “uNdeAD” Fang were released from the team. No reason was given for their release, but Weibo posts indicate that uNdeAD was emotionally manipulative towards his girlfriends, and MG was released following rumours he had been “slacking off” during training, which he denied. Coupled with reports of burnout and communication problems between the Korean and Chinese players, Shanghai was left at the bottom of the ladder in the main season.

The Dragons will presumably be taking the offseason to relax and restore themselves for season two of the Overwatch League. Their star tank player, Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim, will be playing in the All-Stars Game in the Pacific Division. Whether or not she will score her first win in the league is yet to be seen.

Billy "Korjubzot" Walker is a journalism student with a newfound passion for esports, based in Queensland, Australia. He spends most of his time playing RPGs, competitive shooters and platformers, and he always thanks his healers.
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