RogueBludger’s OWL Power Rankings

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

These rankings are highly fluid, not necessarily indicative of League positioning, and based on what I see during play. Like all Power Rankings, a team on a hot streak may find themselves higher than one with more wins, just as a team on a cold streak may be relegated lower on the list than their Table position would suggest. If you disagree, let me know. If you agree, well let me know too so we can laugh at those who don’t.



  1.       New York Sandbaggers 33-5 ()

The kings of the table. No one is better than NYXL (not even Fissure, though he did get the drop on the top dogs this week.) That doesn’t change that these are the favorites to win it all at the end of this season.



  1.     Los Angeles Valiant 26-12 ()

The Valiant are on a hot streak. They remain undefeated in the stage and have comfortably moved into first in the Pacific Division. If there is ever a time to go on a steak, as Playoffs approach is that time. The kings of LA may even get another chance to show NYXL how it’s done as the season draws to a close.


  1.       Los Angeles Gladiators 23-15 (+1)

2018-05-23 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The tank lineup for GLA is bringing the boys in purple up to a top-tier team. Fissure, Void, and Bischu have to be the top rotation the OWL has right now. This strong backbone allows the Gladiator DPS players room to maneuver, and give their Supports the space they need to operate. GLA have improved immensely and are quickly getting themselves into the conversation for end of season success.



  1.       London Spitfire 23-15 (-1)

London continues their slide down the table and down the rankings. This team has everything to be a powerhouse, but has a glaring issue…the control map. Even going up 2-0 in a match, fans of London and OWL know that the Spitfire have a long way to go to win. London needs to spend much of the offseason shoring up their issues on control maps.


  1.       Philadelphia Fusion 23-15 (+2)

This weekend Philadelphia may just have punched their ticket to the League playoffs.



  1.       San Francisco Shock 16-22 (+2)

2018-05-31 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock had a losing week, going 0-2. However, they played both Philadelphia and NYXL, losing to both 1-2. Those were some close games against an improving Fusion and the hands-down favorites to top OWL’s season. They’re looking very different from what their 16-22 record suggests, and honestly, no one should sleep on the Shock.


  1.       Houston Outlaws 21-17 (-1)

Houston’s stage and season have continued to disappoint. Without finishing the Stage 2-0 next week, the Outlaws will fail to make both the Stage and Season playoffs. They may have proved that they are the best in Texas this week, but that’s really not saying much.


  1.       Dallas Fuel 11-27 (-3)

Dallas went 1-1 on the week, dropping to the Houston Outlaws, but absolutely rolling the Florida Mayhem. The C-tier is essentially a wash as far as “who’s better than who”, but Dallas is leaps and bounds above those below them.


  1.   Boston Uprising 24-16 (+1)

With the exception of an impressive Stage 3, Boston is little more than a mediocre team. They’re only barely above Seoul here because with their win over the Dynasty this week they’ve locked in a spot in the OWL Season Playoffs.


  1.       Seoul Dynasty 21-17 (-1)

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul’s continued slide sees them now with real bleak hopes at an OWL Playoff Slot. Next week they pull GLA and Dallas, needing 2 wins to qualify and needing those ahead of them to lose. London plays Florida, which should allow them to lock in their slot. After that Philly, Houston, and GLA stand in their way. A win over the Gladiators is very unlikely, but it’s necessary if Seoul are to qualify.



  1.   Florida Mayhem 7-31 ()

Florida may have flashes of brilliance, but they remain worst in the league with the exception of Shanghai. Maybe next year the Mayhem will give fans something to cheer about, but for now, it’s not gonna happen.



  1.  Shanghai Dragons 0-38 ()

Last on the table, first in our hearts. Shanghai is 2 losses away from a winless season, and with matches against two surging rosters, GLA and SFS, next week that seems inevitable.

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