Spitfire Flatten Fusion in First Finals Match

2018-07-14 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This is it. The beginning of the end. Game 1 of the OWL Grand Finals promised to be a wild match, and it didn’t disappoint. The London Spitfire cruised to a 3-1 victory against the Philadelphia Fusion, and once again have the chance to capture glory after a shaky season. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Philly can turn things around and claim an underdog victory.

Map #1 – Dorado

2018-05-19 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Bdosin’s Roadhog took first pick on Eqo’s Hanzo even as London was forced to defend on the back foot. Nus as solo support on Mercy left the Spitfire struggling against Philadelphia’s double support comp, and the Fusion rapidly captured point A. Philadelphia stalled a little on point B, unable to get past the high ground at first. A close-quarters flank by Carpe’s Widowmaker onto Birdring relieved the pressure on his team, allowing the Fusion to clear Point B and work their way into Point C, narrowly finishing the map in overtime.

London’s attack picked off Sado’s Orisa early, tearing apart Philadelphia’s point A defense and leaving them scrambling. Despite an initial first hold, point B fell after the Fusion get staggered and split off from each other. Gesture even body-blocked their spawn as Winston to ensure a point capture. Despite a five minute timebank to work with, London simply couldn’t manage to capture the final point.


Philly take Dorado, 3-2. The crowd goes wild!


Map #2 – Oasis

London firmly captured first on University, and it wasn’t until they got 99% that the Fusion managed to take the point themselves, though they did manage to avoid using any of their ultimates. Philly’s overaggressive play eventually lost them the first map, with Hotba’s Graviton Surge eaten by Fury’s D.va, and Sado’s Reinhardt split up from the team and picked off.

The second map, Gardens, kicked off with Philly in charge. An early team fight win for London recovered the point quickly, though, and a second leaves the Fusion playing into the Spitfire’s superior ultimate economy. Gesture and Fury made mincemeat of the Fusion, gaining the lead with ease. Even Hotba’s double Self-Destruct on Gesture and Nus didn’t manage to turn the map around. We don’t even get a third map as London dominates on Oasis.


London wins easily, 2-0, and we go into half-time all tied up.


Map #3 – Eichenwalde

Poko subs in for Boombox as Philadelphia starts off on attack. London runs a triple tank defense, allowing Birdring’s Hanzo to pick off Eqo’s Pharah. Hotba opens up the point with a kill on Gesture, and Philly caps the point with 4:30 on the clock.

London puts up a solid defense at the first chokepoint. It’s not until Poko gets a double Self-Destruct on Nus and Birdring that Fusion gets any real progress. Even then, a questionable refusal from Eqo to switch off of Pharah results in the Spitfire holding the second point. Philly fails to get even halfway through the map.

London rolls triple tank, dual sniper on attack. The first two fights goes in favor of Philly, but a chaotic final fight in the last minute allows London to capture the first point and unlock the payload. A token fight by the Fusion is little more than cleanup for the Spitfire, and London effortlessly claims the map.


London wins 2-1.


Map #4 – Volskaya

London once again goes on defense on what could be the final map of the day. Philadelphia sprints out of spawn with a triple tank, triple support composition that any other day might have steamrolled the Spitfire. Unfortunately, it doesn’t: the Fusion lose the first two fights. It’s not until a catastrophic combo of Earthshatter, Graviton Surge, Self-Destruct and Coalescence do Philadelphia capture the first point. It’s London’s aggressive defense that keeps the second point in their hands.

The Fusion’s defense holds strong against a Nanoblade Genji (thanks in part to Neptuno’s legendary Battle Mercy) but the final fight slides in overtime. It’s only a self-destruct from Fury that allows London to capture point A. The chaos continues onto point B and London comes within .7% of capturing the point, thanks to Profit’s insane solo Hanzo on point. It’s not until the last few seconds of the match that the Spitfire get it together and capture the point.


London wins 2-1, and takes the series 3-1.


Player of the Match – Gesture


2018-07-14 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Gesture played a completely unreal match, dealing nearly 25,000 damage alone. Dominance and chaos is Gesture’s modus operandi. He knows his team and is always ready to sow destruction in the backlines or save his supports whenever needed. Game 2 starts tomorrow at 4pm EST, with a tiebreaker if necessary kicking off at 6pm. Will the Fusion come back from their loss today, or will the Spitfire climb ever higher?




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