Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators continue to dominate while the Seoul Dynasty are unable to find their footing – S4W1D3

2018-04-26 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Los Angeles Gladiators are definitely the team with the best chances to get this number one spot in Stage 4. After winning 3-1 vs. the San Francisco Shock on Wednesday, they continued to dominate the series against the Dallas Fuel.


Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

Dallas had nothing to show against the Gladiators, and OGE paled in comparison to Fissure. The Junkrat spam from the Los Angeles Gladiators was too much for the Dallas Fuel, and Blizzard World ended in a full hold for the Gladiators.

On Hanamura, the Dallas Fuel looked better and both teams managed to capture the second point. With only one minute for the Dallas Fuel and almost three minutes for the Los Angeles Gladiators, the map went in favor of the Gladiators again.


2018-05-04 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Oasis was the time for Pharah with Seagull as well as Hydration. The first round looked like the Dallas Fuel had the upper hand with 99% to 0%, but the Los Angeles Gladiators could turn it around and secure the first point.
The second round was reverted, and the Los Angeles Gladiators had to give up the point with 73%. The Dallas Fuel could defend and secured the second point for themselves.
The Dallas Fuel put up a great fight against the Los Angeles Gladiators on the third round, but with Surefour on McCree and Hydration on Sombra, the Gladiators managed to take the point and the map win in the end.

With the last map, Dorado, the Dallas Fuel seemed to have found their mojo again and pushed the Payload just short of the third checkpoint. The Los Angeles Gladiators did struggle to push the cart to the first and second checkpoint, with a great defense from Dallas. Surefour on Widowmaker and Bishu on Brigitte where the deciding factors, that allowed the Gladiators to take the last checkpoint and win the map.

Match Score: The Los Angeles Gladiators win 4-0
MVP: Surefour. He seems to widen his hero pool time and time again. During the series we saw him on Widowmaker, Brigitte and Junkrat, and he shone on all of them.


Boston Uprising vs. Houston Outlaws

Another strong start for the Houston Outlaws on Kings Row, while the Boston Uprising struggled against the critical hits from Linkzr on Widowmaker. With Spree’s Graviton Surge combined with Jakes Dragonstrike it was an easy full hold for the Outlaws. It was an easy take from there and the Outlaws could get their first map win of the day.

Hanamura started with dive compositions from both sides, and the Boston Uprising should have been in their element. A great stagger from the Houston Outlaws prevented Boston from securing the first point and almost led to a full hold. Just barely getting the first point in overtime, the same did not happen on the second one, and the Outlaws could hold.


2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


After swapping sides, the Houston Outlaws came out with a double sniper, and Linkzr was on fire during the whole map. The Boston Uprising could not adjust accordingly and were unable to defend the onslaught from the Outlaws.

More Pharah on Oasis from Striker and Jake. The Boston Uprising struggled again and the first round quickly went in favour for the Houston Outlaws.
In the second round, Boston pulled themselves together and went to 99%, before the Outlaws could swap the point around. They managed 74%, before the Boston Uprising could turn the fight in their favour once again and secure round two.
The third round went even better for Boston, giving the Outlaws only 18% on the control meter. Striker on Tracer and Mistakes on Widowmaker looked great and got the needed kills, and the Boston Uprising got their well-deserved first map win.

On Gibraltar, both teams went for a dive composition with Genji, and Striker and Gamsu were shining on their respective heroes. It looked good for the Boston Uprising, until Jake made the swap to Brigitte and once again the Houston Outlaws took the control back and stopped their opponent from taking the second point.
The Boston Uprising started their defense with Gamsu on Orisa, a good pick against the two double snipers from the Outlaws, but not a good pick for the map. The Houston Outlaws captured the first point quicker than Boston and had no problem keeping their momentum to finish the map.

Match Score: The Houston Outlaws win 3-1
MVP: Linkzr – well deserved. He was on fire every map and just hit headshot after headshot on his Widowmaker.


San Francisco Shock vs. Seoul Dynasty

Sinatraa and Architect were a deadly DPS duo on this map. Seoul Dynasty still without Miro and Ryujehong on tank duty didn’t look too good. Pushing the payload without much resistance, the San Francisco Shock got all three points. The Seoul Dynasty had a much harder time getting the checkpoints and ended short of capturing the last one.

Architect went crazy on Lunar Horizon Colony and melted through the enemy, with a 4k on the second point – a play that secured the second point for Shock.
Thanks to another big Genji play – this time from Fleta – Seoul just barely captured the first point. Unable to capture the second point, the San Francisco Shock took their second map win of the day.

The first round on Oasis was a head to head, both team getting 99% on the control meter. In the end, the Seoul Dynasty had the upper hand after a swap from Wekeed to Brigitte.
Staying on Brigitte for the second round was a good decision from Seoul, as the San Francisco Shock could not get any percentage at all. A solid control from the Seoul Dynasty and a well-deserved map win.

On Gibraltar the San Francisco Shock took the first, second and third point with ease, the Seoul Dynasty looked confused and disorganized. Each member of Shock was on fire and played one of the best games of their lives. They kept the momentum on their defense and stopped the Seoul from getting to the second checkpoint.

Match Score: The San Francisco Shock win 3-1
MVP: Architect – hard to pick a MVP with all players going ham, but it had to be him this time. Making his Dragonblades worth it every time and also being great on Widowmaker, Architect has a great future ahead of him.

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