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Overwatch League team skins are have been expected for a while now. Today, Nate Nanzer launched a video outlining how fans can purchase team skins. With all the controversy surrounding Loot Boxes in games these days, it is no wonder Blizzard is separating the system from their current Loot Box economy. Here is what we think.


Your first skin is free. As with any good fandom addiction, you can get the skin of your favorite team on your main to kick off the season in January. It sounds like Blizzard will be promoting these skins by giving them to anyone who logs into the game. However, once done, you will have to buy League Tokens in order to outfit your other favorite characters. The video highlights very specifically that you will be able to buy the skin you want with League Tokens.

Here is the Video.


This clear message is designed to shy any negative press from Loot Boxes. A system used heavily in Overwatch. Fans have complained that they want to be able to buy skins in Overwatch and have yet to be given the chance. Still, because everything purchasable is cosmetic, and does not affect gameplay, Blizzard avoids fire. Unlike, EA who added in the Loot Box system which purposely impacted players and forced either a lot of money or a progression grind. Good thing we don’t play Battlefront here.


So, there is nothing wrong with buying tokens to get your favorite skins. After all, it is like wearing an in-game jersey for your favorite team. However, Blizzard has to keep the lines very clear here. There is Overwatch the game and Overwatch the League. We are sure they will keep things separate and be fair to fans.


The big question is when will the real swag come out. Jerseys and more importantly hats will be a big deal. While many esports teams have had jerseys for sale and on display, Overwatch League could be the biggest push in terms of merchandising we have seen yet. Will the season begin before the merchandise is available?


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