Overwatch League – Stage One Title Match Picture As of Thursday Morning

2018-02-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With Los Angeles Valiant beating the Seoul Dynasty last night, the top of the table became a convoluted mess. With the victory, Valiant opened the door to a Title Match berth not only to themselves but to 3 other Western teams. Here are the 7 teams who could make the Title Match games and how.


London Spitfire:

Current record: 7-1

Map Differential: +18


London sits in pole position going into Thursday. They not only lead the league with regards to record but also in Map differential. As long as they keep their games close, they have a chance of qualifying, but at least one win gives them a guaranteed spot, as they take on both New York Excelsior and Houston Outlaws this week.


New York Excelsior:

Current record: 7-1

Map Differential: +17


Just one map behind the Spitfire, NYXL sit in a good position to qualify. Win one win, they qualify for at least 2nd place. Their first opponent this week is Florida Mayhem, which should translate to an easy win for the Korean Roster.


Los Angeles Valiant:

Current record: 6-3

Map Differential: +10


With the victory over Seoul last night, Los Angeles Valiant have leapfrogged from 6th to 3rd, putting themselves into that final position for a Title Match berth as of now. Houston is right behind them, however with an extra game to play and a +4 map differential. Valiant’s last game of the Stage comes against Shanghai, which could give them another win and +4 maps.


Overwatch League Analyst Desk

2018-02-02 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Seoul Dynasty:

Current record: 6-3

Map Differential: +7


Falling to Valiant last night really hurt the Dynasty’s chances at qualifying for Stage 1 Title Matches. They currently share a record with the Valiant, but their match against San Francisco won’t be as easy to win as Los Angeles’s vs. Shanghai. With a -3 map differential on the Valiant, I think the Korean based teams’ chances of making the title match have been stymied.


Houston Outlaws:

Current record: 5-3

Map Differential: +14

Houston has an extra game to play on both Seoul and Los Angeles Valiant, but their road to Title Match contention will be difficult. Today they take on London, while Friday they have Boston. Riding high off an 18 map win streak during weeks 2-4, Houston is in great map differential position, but finds themselves in a must-win situation.


Boston Uprising:

Current record: 5-3

Map Differential: +7


With games against Houston and Philadelphia this week, Boston’s best hopes lie in getting two wins and hoping for a massive slip up by Valiant against the Dragons. They would be hard-pressed to catch up in map differential even if they win both, but as Houston and Philly are both in the running, wins are a necessity.


Philadelphia Fusion:

Current record: 5-3

Map Differential: -1


Our only team in contention with a negative map differential, Fusion, like their Eagle brethren, are playing the underdogs. Even if they manage to win both their matches (Florida Mayhem and Boston Uprising) with 4-0’s (putting themselves to +7 map differential), they would need massive slip-ups by Los Angeles Valiant against Shanghai Dragons to narrow the map differential, and would need Seoul Dynasty + Houston Outlaws to drop more than a couple maps plus at least one more game each.


So there you have it, who can, and how they would claim Title Match berths in Overwatch League’s inaugural Stage. Who are you rooting for in this final week of Overwatch League? Hit us up on Twitter to let us know.


Austin White
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