Overwatch League – Season Two Preview

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

We understand the playoffs are next this week. However, if you want a moment to look into the future, here is a quick taste of what may be coming in season two.


Overwatch League season two is a long way from now. Part of what Overwatchscore.com has done for it’s one year anniversary is speculate on where things are going with this league. We do not have any set answers, but we enjoy looking at possibilities. Seeing how they may play out? Then analyzing the results, we are gamers after all.


What do we know? 

Six expansion teams are coming. We know this because Pete Vlastelica (CEO of Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues) has stated the following:

“two (teams) from the Americas, two from Asia-Pacific, and two from Europe and the Middle East.”

So can we predict who will be buying into the Overwatch League? Well here are the guesses we will risk taking:



Tokyo – First Place (Tokyo has one of the largest game scenes in the world, this is an obvious first choice).

Sydney – Second Place (A huge Overwatch following and a solid Australian World Cup team, Sydney could be on the map)!

Busan – Dark Horse (A second Korean team would make a lot of sense in the world’s top esports market, but we will have to see).



Paris – First Place (Rumors abound of a Paris spot have been going for months).

Dubai – Second Place (When Pete mentions the Middle East in his comment, this is the city he is talking about).

London – Dark Horse (Maybe we will get a second London team)?


North America 

Toronto – First Place (A Canadian team is almost a given, the question is which organization would pick it up)?

Denver – Second Place (The middle of the U.S. has lots of famous sports teams, they don’t have much in the way of esports, we are choosing Denver over Chicago here).

Washington D.C. – Dark Horse (Washington has a possibility of getting a franchise, they do have a grass roots gaming movement in the area with some major conventions that had been self started).


How will these teams impact the overall schedule? The new season will shift the schedule a great deal. Some people had criticized the league for its aggressive schedule this past season. In many ways players, coaches, and even fans experienced a degree of burn out by Stage Three. The numbers declined through out the season causing the possibility of rethinking the overall design for Season Two. With twenty teams expected and the efforts for teams to go to their home markets in 2020 it will be interesting to see how things shape out.


Overall, Season Two needs to get a lot of fuel behind their marketing and promotional capabilities. Anyone can point speculation that the rapid rise of Fortnite took a lot of wind out of OWL’s sails by Stage Two. In some ways, it seems like two many regular professional sports executives are making decisions on the league when adding in some more gamers might have a strong impact on how fans view the experience.

Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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