Overwatch League: RogueBludger’s OWS Power Rankings

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Every week we will be publishing the OverwatchScore’s OWL Power Rankings. See where your favourite teams fall in our weekly list.

These rankings are highly fluid, not necessarily indicative of League positioning, and based on what I see during play. Like all Power Rankings, a team on a hot streak may find themselves higher than one with more wins, just as a team on a cold streak may be relegated lower on the list than their Table position would suggest. If you disagree, let me know. If you agree, well let me know too so we can laugh at those who don’t.


  1.      NYXL 32-4

The kings of the table. No one is better than NYXL (not even Fissure).



  1.      Los Angeles Valiant 24-12

No team has looked as good against NYXL this Stage, nor really this season as the Valiant did this weekend. Looking for these Valkyrie to be a ‘dark-horse’ (loosest usage of the term) contender in the Finals. VAL started out the season strong, but suffered some

  1.      London Spitfire 23-13

They’ve fallen some as of late, but the London Spitfire remain NYXL’s biggest competition in the hunt for OWL’s Grand Finals. Their talent potential is a huge factor keeping them in the A-Tier rather than falling to B, as well as their experience playing in Stage Finals matches.



  1.       Los Angeles Gladiators 21-15

Fissure is a huge factor in the Gladiators’ current 4th place ranking. Their late Season surge has landed them with a shot at the playoffs. This is another team that could throw a wrench into the predictions.

  1.      Dallas Fuel 10-26

It’s unfortunate that it’s a “little too little, little too late”, but the Dallas Fuel are playing their best Overwatch of the Season, and some of the best we’ve seen in the league this Stage. The new Meta, as well as a change to their coaching situation has Dallas in a good spot moving into Season 2.

  1.      Houston Outlaws 20-16

Houston were early Season favourites to overcome the Korean dominance. Now they remain at the high end of most people’s rankings, but some of the sloppy play like what we saw glimpses of this weekend against Florida could quickly drop them down the ladder. I really think as far as current meta goes, Houston isn’t the best team in Texas.



  1.      Philadelphia Fusion 21-15

The Fusion are on the playoff bubble. While they had an amazing Stage 2, the rest of the Season has seen them play just north of .500. I think this is the very definition of an “Average” team. Average most likely won’t get them into the playoffs however, as I think both GLA and Houston will stay ahead of the Fusion.

    8.      Seoul Dynasty 21-15

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Lunatic-Hai often has an issue performing at the level we know them capable of, but a slip this far was quite unexpected. I am putting the Dynasty in this position based solely on what we thought they would be able to do at the beginning of the Season.

  1. San Francisco Shock     San Francisco Shock 16-20

If Philadelphia is a team on the higher end of the “Average” tier, then San Francisco is a team who just makes it into average. 16-20 on the Season, the Shock have been ruled out of the playoff race, but hold a comfortable grasp on the last team in single digits. A great run so far in Stage 2 has put San Francisco into a healthy position to maybe qualify for Stage Playoffs.

  1. Boston Uprising Logo     Boston Uprising 22-14

Boston went undefeated in Stage 3. And never lest we forget that. In comparison the rest of their Season they’ve gone just 12-14 including a current 0-6 streak. I really think the team could be much better if they utilized their DPS just a little differently, but for now, while they stick to the current plan, they find themselves lower on my list.



  1.      Florida Mayhem 6-30

Sayaplayer is a monster. If not for him I would have been perfectly happy to skip D-Tier all together and throw Florida in with Shanghai. The reason they’re D in my mind is that every match we see flashes of brilliance; however, like a lingering cold, we know that those small snippets of health will soon succumb to the wheezing of a system that just isn’t working right now. I think Florida has the most to gain this offseason and moving into Season 2 with maybe the exception of the Dallas Fuel.



  1.      Shanghai Dragons 0-36

Everybody’s favourite losers. Honestly, the talent on this team doesn’t translate to an 0-36 record on paper. I hope in the off season the Dragons shore up their glaring issues at Support and improve. For now, we will probably have to bunker down and prepare for a team going winless throughout an entire OWL Season. What a way to start.

Austin White
Austin White is Overwatchscore’s senior beat writer, mostly covering the London Spitfire and Toronto Defiant. An avid esports fan and gamer, Austin spends his free time playing, watching, and writing about video games. You can find his articles both at Overwatchscore as well as EGF. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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