Overwatch League – Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws S3W2

2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In Week 2 of Stage 3, Philadelphia Fusion take on Houston Outlaws once again.  Both teams are vying to keep themselves in the top tier standing. Philadelphia just came out of losing in the finals of stage 2, so they’re looking to build that steam up again and Houston won’t be a team to stand in their way.

Philadelphia Fusion Winston

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


Date: April 12th, 2018

Stage: S3W2

Match: Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws


Game 1 (Volskaya Industries) Houston Outlaws Win 4-3

Fusion launches out of the spawn room led by Fragi as Winston and followed by Carpe as Widowmaker.  With a precise shot, Carpe took out Rawkus, which began the waterfall of Outlaw players falling to the Fusion.  After a short play, Fusion took objective A. Keeping their aggression up, Snillo as Tracer jumped ahead and landed a Pulse Bomb on Rawkus, keeping the Outlaw support in a bind.  Despite Boombox’s Transcendance, Linkzr’s Dragon Blade stopped the Fusion push dead in its tracks. Snillo, two more times, had Rawkus’ number. The Fusion Tracer kept the pressure on the Outlaws, but they still managed to force the attackers back.  Rawkus used his Transcendance to stay in the defense with the rest of his team, struggling to hold his team together. Both teams traded blows and ultimates with incredible counters, but in the end, Fusion overpowered the Outlaws and took objective B.


Outlaws took a more conservative approach for the start of round two, unfortunately losing Jake as Tracer immediately.  Bani was soon to follow, and the Outlaw push continued to stall. Slowly the Outlaws crept onto objective A, while systematically removing the Fusion.  Once they took two thirds of the objective, the Outlaws switched to a more aggressive offense, actively keeping the Fusion away until they could capture objective A and move on.  Fusion kept a mounted defense in the chokepoint before objective B as the Outlaws crashed against them unsuccessfully. Jake as Tracer broke off from his team, sneaking for a back end stealth capture.  Once he made his move with an unfortunately missed Pulse Bomb, the rest followed suit led by Linkzr with a Dragon Blade. Carpe tried to counter with an EMP, but the Fusion defense fell apart all too quickly, and the Outlaws claimed objective B.


Fusion began round three with the attack, but Linkzr held them at bay with his on-point sniping.  The Fusion made it through the choke point, but got trapped in the side room at the mercy of the Outlaws.  With only support ultimates available, the Fusion would have needed to play an overly aggressive push. Poko as D.Va dove onto the point with a Self Destruct to keep overtime running.  Fragi as Winston followed suit, and they managed to pry the Outlaws off long enough to capture objective A. Having only 10 seconds on the clock, they immediately rushed into objeactive B, but just couldn’t manage to make a successful play, only feeding into the Outlaw kill machine.  Tragically, the Fusion only claim objective A for round three.


Outlaws took no time to get on the point and bunker down against the Fusion defense, but were quickly countered and pushed away.  Fusion didn’t press further, only trying to stall out the Outlaws. UInfortunately, they came back with a vengeance and shattered the Fusion defense, claiming objective A.  With more time than the Fusion had, the Outlaws were more lax with their attack. With their last push, the Coolmatt dropped a Self Destruct after Linkzr’s failed Dragon Blade to take control, while Rawkus used Transcendance to ensure victory for the Outlaws.  Round four went to the Outlaws, along with game one.


2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Game 2 (Numbani) Philadelphia Fusion Wins 5-4

Fusion began the game on attack, taking the battle with the Outlaws away from the point with a powerful slugfest, while Snillo as Tracer casually sat on the objective, capturing a third of it before meeting any resistance.  Caught offguard, the Outlaws couldn’t compensate and fell to the Fusion, letting them take the objective and begin moving the payload. Fusion moved it to the final turn before the first checkpoint, before meeting any pushback from the Outlaws.  The two teams brawled it out once more, with Rawkus trying to hold his team together with a Transcendance, but couldn’t manage to pull through, leaving the Fusion to take the checkpoint. The Outlaws were scattered so badly, they only managed to recollect themselves with the payload at .75m away, which was far too late to be effective.  Fusion took the final checkpoint and round one.


For round two, the Outlaws attempted an aggressive dive, but were almost immediately disabled with Muma as Winston taking heavy hits.  They quickly regrouped and powered through the Fusion defense, and claimed the objective. Jake as Genji jumped ahead to play a more forward aggressive assault, clearing the way for the rest of his team and the payload.  Fusion countered by drawing the Outlaws away, stalling out the payload while no one fought on top of it. Jake tore into the front line of the Fusion defense with a Dragon Blade, but couldn’t manage more than de-meching Poko.  Each push, the Outlaws became more and more aggressive in their attacks, trying to make any progress with the payload. Despite the aggression, Fusion continued to pull them away to stall out the payload’s movement. Unfortunately for the Fusion, the closer the payload got to the final checkpoint, the more focused the Outlaws got.  In the end, a lone Poko as D.Va was not enough to stop them. The Outlaws took the final check point.


In round three, the Outlaws took no time in getting onto and securing the objective.  The Fusion struggled to put together a cohesive defense, barely contesting the payload as it pressed forward.  As overtime hit, the Fusion struggled to maintain a defense, but finally took control and stopped the payload just shy of the first check point.


Fusion opened round four goading the Outlaws away from their defensive position, allowing them to crush the wall and capture the objective with ease.  The Fusion pressed the payload on relatively uncontested, stomping over the Outlaw players every time they arrived. At only 1 meter before the checkpoint, the Outlaws tried, but failed to wrestle control away.  Fusion captured the final check point, and game 2.


2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Game 3 (Ilios) Philadelphia Fusion Wins 2-0

Both teams charged out to meet in the middle of the control point, but took the fight to the map edge where Boink as Lucio nearly got a team kill by knocking off most of the Fusion.  Flawlessly, the Outlaws captured the control point. The Fusion, after the tragic initial defeat, countered and picked their way through the Outlaws, overturning the control point despite Jake’s EMP.  Carpe as McCree dominated the Outlaws, clearing them out after they attempted to flip the control point and make more progress. Back and forth the control point flipped, until Fusion held the it while both teams were at 99%.  The final showdown was cut short by Carpe’s incredible aim as McCree, earning Fusion round one.


Carpe as Widowmaker opened the round with a sniper duel between himself and the entire Outlaw team, ending with Linkzr as Widowmaker taking a shot to the head, while the rest of the Fusion captured the control point.  Carpe continued to put pressure on the Outlaws, keeping them away from the point and hiding behind corners. Each Outlaw that came out of hiding became a victim of Carpe’s clutch aim. At 99%, the Outlaws were finally able to contest the point, but it was just too late.  The Fusion took the point, and the match.


2018-01-27 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Game 4 (Junkertown) Houston Outlaws Win 1-0

Fusion opened the final game on the attack, Carpe as Widowmaker pressuring the Outlaws away from the payload.  Jake as Junkrat toppled the titanic sniper with a well placed Riptire. Linkzr as Widowmaker took over and gave the Fusion a taste of their own tactics, laying heavy sniper fire onto them.  Jake followed up with another fast Riptire, this time taking out Shadowburn, who replied with his own Riptire back on Jake after being resurrected. The Outlaws managed to stall out the payload just shy of the first checkpoint.  Jake sealed the deal with a perfect Riptire, taking out both the supports of the Fusion, leaving them with very little progress on the payload.

Out of the gate, the Outlaws stomped on the Fusion defense.  In a flash, the Outlaws pressed through and hit the checkpoint.  Game four casually went to the Outlaws.


Game 5 (Oasis) Philadelphia Fusion Wins 2-0

Jake as Pharrah dove right onto the control point to gain highground control so the rest of his team could move in with ease.  The Outlaws claimed first pick on the control point, but after Jake attempted a Rocket Barrage and was killed, the Fusion pulled together and flipped the point.  The Outlaws returned with a counterattack led by Muma as Winston with a Primal Rage, making short work of the Fusion and flipping the point back. The Fusion quickly reset and contested the point, successfully flipping it back with Fragi’s Primal Rage.  Carpe as McCree got pushed away while the Outlaws attempted to flip it back one more time, but he returned with a vengeance, and wiped out the attack, giving round one to the Fusion.

The Fusion charged onto the control point and beyond, aggressively pushing back the Outlaws.  Fragi as Reinhardt was a relentless destructive force, swinging his hammer wildly and tearing up the Outlaws, despite their efforts.  Snillo as Tracer pressed forward to bring pressure to the Outlaws at their spawn room. With the whole team scattered, the Outlaws struggled to gain some foothold.  At the last second, Jake as Junkrat let loose a perfect Rip Tire that killed half the Fusion team, finally flipping the control point, and giving them a chance at a win.  Fusion pushed the Outlaws off the control point for just long enough to flip it back, but in short order managed to take it back again. The point became an all out slugfest as both teams just slammed against each other, desperate for the win.  Philadelphia flipped it one more time, with the Outlaws trickling in one at a time struggling to keep it in overtime, but just could not manage long enough. The Fusion captured the control point, the game, and the match.


Match Score: Philadelphia Fusion Wins 3-2


MVP: Carpe – He was in the face of the Outlaws at every turn.  His Widowmaker game was on point and near perfect, keeping the opposition running for cover at every turn.  His support of his team, gave the rest what they needed to put forth the team plans and ensure victory.


Match Rating: 7/10 – This is a booming rivalry between these two teams.  Each time they go at it, something new is learned about the players and the way they interact with each other.

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