Overwatch League Opening Week Coverage

Overwatch Stage

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League opening week begins on Wednesday. The first Stage is set as the inaugural season begins. Teams from both divisions will face off and you can see our early analysis here. There is a lot more to opening week than just the matches.


Tuesday launches Media Day for the Overwatch League. Our very own Brandon Padilla will be on hand to get all the interviews and scoops from the teams the day before competition. We will be running up to date interviews and announcements all day as Brandon fires off the information so we can post it to fans as quickly as possible. Also check our Twitter for major announcements and coverage.


Media Day looks to really put the League on the map. We started covering league announcements back in July and we are finally here on the eve of launch. You will see a lot of interviews with owners, players, and top League reps to begin the full promotion. As teams organize and look to build their fans, the league has a journey to grow and expand esports across the globe.


Photo By Garret Fuller, Overwatchscore.com


The critics have been silenced as some believed this League would struggle, however the core community has surrounded these teams and the growth is much more real than we saw even this summer. Make no mistake, the Overwatch League will be a household name by 2020 and fans will be at matches in major cities during the week. These are the times everyone is looking forward too.


If you are new to esports don’t worry you will catch on quick. The Overwatch League hosts the top players from all over the world and you may feel like there is a lot to learn. The plan to make teams available for fans and get everyone involved has worked very well. You can follow along with your favorite players, support your local city, and even see your favorite characters in action. You can also check out our feature here on how to watch Overwatch League.


If you are a hardcore Overwatch player, who knows you may up your game by checking out some of the matches. Teams will be trying out so many different combinations and styles, it is up to the casters to make sure things are accurate for fans.


So gear up, we have a ton coming to you this week including: Interviews with team coaches, top announcements, and full coverage from Media Day. That is just Monday and Tuesday.


On Wednesday we will have our match analysis and full in depth coverage on all of the game through Saturday. Stay tuned we are very excited to show you all we have been working on!


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