Overwatch League – Los Angeles Valiant vs. Houston Outlaws – S2W3

2018-02-24 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League – Houston Outlaws vs Los Angeles Valiant – S2W3


The fashionable Muma (KACHOW!) lead the Houston Outlaws into the arena, looking to end their loss streak and capitalize on the their quickly descending opposition. The Los Angeles Valiant entered the arena, after being crushed the night before by the Los Angeles Gladiators, as they looked to extend their wings and rise above their opponents.


Map 1 (Volskaya Industries) 


The Outlaws come out of spawn looking for the quick cap but are decisively stopped by the Valiant. After repeatedly being turned back with only 40 seconds left the Outlaws finally find their way onto point A and secure it. Kariv on Widowmaker becomes the center of a very effective Valiant point B defense before switching off to Reaper. Fate releases a defensive Primal Rage but his effect is limited by a Rawkus Transcendence. The Outlaws are able to rally and get slightly more than two ticks before the Valiant end their push in overtime as the wick burns out.


2018-02-24 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


The Valiant go on offense with Kariv on Widowmaker setting the Outlaws off balance and effectively penning in Boink while the rest of the Valiant get the eliminations having been denied healing. The Valiant quickly and definitively take point A on their first push out. Boink and Clockwork are able to push the Valiant off point B, causing them to reset from spawn. Soon takes a resurrected Muma out with a Pulse Bomb and the Valiant stagger the Outlaws to give them control of point B for the win.


Map Result: 2-1 Los Angeles Valiant


Map 2 (Lijiang)


The teams raced out into the Lijiang Garden and clashed immediately before the point unlocked. The Houston Outlaws were able to secure the point first, but the Valiant descend upon them with a vengenace and flip it after only 11% had been accumulated. The Outlaws regroup and push out from spawn but are met by fierce forward damage from Soon, Fate, and Envy. The Valiant continue their stranglehold on the point to 99% until Jake shuts down Kariv’s Justice From Above and then pops his Tactical Visor for the kills that allow them to flip the point back under their control. The Outlaws continue their hold, at times by their fingertips, but are able to scrape out the win.


The teams enter the Night Market and again engage on the point before the unlock. A Verbo Boop results in a Team Kill over the edge and the Valiant take first control of the point. The Outlaws crash into the defenders and are able to finally dislodge the Valiant after they had 84% of control. The Valiant regroup and come back, starting the elimination cascade with the first victim being Rawkus and the rest of the Outlaws fell after only having 34% of control. The Outlaws come back but are quickly undone by Soon, Fate, and Verbo with a decisive Team Kill securing the Valiant the point and the win.


2018-03-01 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


The Teams first contact in the corridors of the Lijiang Control Center, but Fate’s Reinhardt helps keep the Valiant alive to secure control of the point first. The Valiant play forward and are able to keep the Outlaws in the choke between spawn and the corridor. Linkzer releases a Graviton but Envy’s Self-Destruct eliminates the Outlaws before they can capitalize on it. The Outlaws finally are able to wrest control after the Valiant had already accumulated 98% and begin amassing their own control. They play forward as well but the Valiant quickly push them back and through the choke. Rip-tires and Gravitons flew before the Valiant finally get control back but the Overtime wick is lit. The Outlaws continue their aggressive push with Earth Shatters and Covalescence galore before finally being caught in a Graviton center of the map with eliminations that gave the Valiant the win.


Map Result: 2-1 Los Angeles Valiant



Map 3 (Hollywood) 


The Outlaws come out on the offensive with a slow burn composition, but are divided by the Valiant defensive spear and unable to gain any ground initially. The Outlaws regroup, light the fuse, and burn the Valiant off the point slowly and steadily to unlock the payload. The drive through town gets stopped at the back turn despite insane headshot from Linkzer and Jake lobbying grenades. The Valiant are able to push back the payload through the streets and shut the Outlaws ride down.


Los Angeles Valiant Players

2018-02-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


The Valiant charge the point and despite a noble attempt by the Outlaws, the payload becomes unlocked and the drive begins. Linkzer on Widowmaker and Coolmatt’s nano-boosted Dva are able to keep the Valiant from any real progress past the choke. The Valiant seem split on the map and undecided on a strategy as Muma and Jake made seemingly simple eliminations. Finally the Valiant get their plan together, push out onto the payload, make defining eliminations, and deliver the payload to the goal securing them the map and the match victory.

Map Result: 2-1 Los Angeles Valiant


The Map of Shame (Route 66) 


Outlaws on offense come out of spawn and onto the payload looking to end their map loss streak. The Valiant are able to hold them at the turn before the gas station with Kariv delivering long distance damage and the rest of the Valiant finishing the job. The Outlaws are able to push the payload past the gas station but are forced to regroup once again before being able to get it to point A. The push continued until the Valiant were able to once again hold them at the middle overpass. Jake lands a Pulse Bomb stick on Fate who inadvertently jumps to Kariv getting a 2-for-1 bomb and opening up the payload for a final push that ends just meters short of point B.


2018-01-27 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Valiant offense is strong but they too get held at the turn just before the gas station. Pulse bombs fly, EMPs get discharged, but the Valiant soldier on to point A and beyond. The Outlaws rally to slow the drive down, but never are able to get a decisive hold and the Valiant drive the payload to the goal for the map win. The Outlaws, who had an incredible 18-map winning streak in Stage 1, have now secured the OWL longest map losing streak record with 12 consecutive map losses in Stage 2.

Map Result: 3-1 Los Angeles Valiant

Match Score: 4-0 Los Angeles Valiant defeat Houston Outlaws

MVP: Kariv was on fire tonight with his Widowmaker from the back line with both the shots he made and his area denial for the Outlaw supports who were looking to keep their faces.

Match Rating: 7/10

After the steamroll the Los Angeles Valiant suffered last night and the Houston Outlaws being down in Stage 2, this match had a lot on the line in the build up. The Valiant really came out roaring like lions and kept the Houston Outlaws from making any true exciting drives that were not on a Control map.

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