Overwatch League – London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem- S3W2

2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In Week 2 of Stage 3, London Spitfire squares up against Florida Mayhem.  Last stage, Florida showed they have the capacity to play with some of the midrange contenders and there’s no stopping that train now.  London took a hit to their pride at the end of stage 2 with the loss to Philadelphia in the finals, and even further in their two losses in week 1.  Both teams are looking for a win to prove they’re still in the running, but who is going to walk away with it?


Map 1 (Volskaya Industries)

Attack 1- London

Mayhem started the match with a high ground defensive line in the control room above objective A, descending on Spitfire and forcing a change in their attack plan.  Profit as Tracer attempted to clear out the cluster of Mayhem players, but missed entirely with a Pulse Bomb. The Spitfire, unable to make a strong push, were forced to reset.  In their next push, Spitfire gained some effective support from Hagopeun as Zenyatta, who took out Sayaplayer as Widowmaker. Without the pressure from above, Spitfire pushed Mayhem off the point, and took objective A.  With their momentum up, Spitfire launched onto objective B with plenty of ultimates and strong determination. Mayhem couldn’t hold it together as well with this objective, and lost it to Spitfire, ending round one.


2018-03-16 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Attack 2- Florida

Mayhem immediately dove out of the spawn room, charging right through the archway and onto objective A.  Like their name suggested, the Mayhem unleashed their force, locking several Spitfire players in the sideroom next to the objective and systematically wiped them out.  Spitfire was forced to give up objective A to Mayhem. Onto objective B, Mayhem continued their furious assault, tearing apart the Spitfire defense. With two ticks claimed almost immediately, the Spitfire saving grace was Birdring as Genji with a Dragon Blade.  Mayhem was forced to reset. Sayaplayer as McCree returned to lay heavy fire on the Spitfire, seriously damaging their front line. Profit as Tracer tried to flank into the backline, but teleported directly into a headshot from Sayaplayer. Spitfire struggled to pull their defense together, and lost objective B to Mayhem, along with round two.


Attack 3- Florida

Mayhem began round three with the same strategy as before, leading a strong frontal assault, while Tviq as Tracer flanked around to take care of Birdring as Widowmaker.  The push didn’t produce the results desired, and they were forced to reset. Tviq went in for a second shot, completely dominating Birdring, followed by a Pulse Bomb on Hagopuen.  Mayhem scattered Spitfire with their attack, but they managed to pull back around and stop the attack. With overtime ticking down, Sayaplayer as Widowmaker cleared out several of the Spitfire players, finally opening up the objective for them to take it.  Quickly Mayhem pushed back into objective B, taking one third of the progress, but ultimately failed to continue, ending round three.


Attack 4- London

Round four opened with Spitfire aggressively launching onto objective A, giving Mayhem no chance to retaliate.  In short order, Mayhem pulled back, and Spitfire took the objective. They continued the aggressive push, but Mayhem used both Zebbosai’s Valkyrie and Zuppeh’s Transcendance to give themselves a fighting chance.  Spitfire tried, but ultimately had to reset. Tviq as Genji descended on the Spitfire as they were beginning their attack and unleashed a Dragon Blade. The Spitfire lost two members of the front line before being able to react.  Another reset, they pushed in again, but once again stalled out by Sayaplayer with a Pulse Bomb destroying their back line. Overtime started to tick away and Spitfire were desperate for a hold, but were unable to overcome Mayhem’s defense, ending game one in a draw.


Map Result: Draw



Map 2 (Numbani)

Attack 1- London

 Mayhem began the map with a very forward defense, quickly pulling back when Spitfire dove past Manneten as D.Va.  Spitfire immediately dominated Mayhem and claimed the objective, starting their push of the payload.

They met little resistance until the first turn, but Profit as Genji, supported by Bdosin’s Coalescence, made quick work of the team.  Mayhem regrouped for another defensive line, successfully pushing Spitfire away with Manneten’s Self Destruct. Spitfire pushed hard again, led by Birdring as Tracer. Birdring ran down the line, clearing out several of the Mayhem players including Zuppeh and Zebbosai, giving Spitfire the room to claim the first checkpoint.  

Halfway to the final checkpoint, Mayhem returns with a defensive stand with Sayaplayer’s Tactical Visor. Profit as Genji attempted to create a hole in the Mayhem defense with a Dragon Blade, but came out empty handed. Bdosin as Zenyatta gave the Spitfire offense a safety net with Transcendance on their push, letting the team finally mobilize their plan.  Mayhem could not counter in time, and Spitfire claims the final checkpoint.


Attack 2- Florida

2018-02-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Spitfire started round two with the same forward defense as Mayhem did, except Mayhem approached more conservatively.  Their attempt to gain a foothold on the objective was quickly crushed by Spitfire. Their next attempt was far more aggressive, but still met with heavy resistance.  Manneten dropped a Self Destruct to clear the objective, but came away with no kills.

Tviq returned with a Dragon Blade, killing Gesture as Winston and Woohyal as D.Va.  With no tanks to lead the wall, the Spitfire defense fell apart, giving Mayhem the objective. Despite their efforts, Spitfire could not mount a successful defense against the payload, leaving Mayhem to take the first checkpoint.  Halfway to the final checkpoint, Spitfire unleashed everything they could to put a stop to Mayhem. Both teams traded ultimates and devastating blows. The ensuing battle was a stalemate for some time, but Spitfire finally won out.  Mayhem held onto 6 ultimates for their final push. When the time came, they unleashed everything they had; Transcendance, Dead-eye, Pulse Bomb, Primal Rage, and more. Spitfire couldn’t handle the attack, letting Mayhem take the final checkpoint.


Attack 3 & 4- Florida & London

Round three began with Mayhem taking an aggressive dive onto the objective.  Spitfire was unprepared and were forced off the objective, giving up two thirds to the Mayhem before finally regrouping.  Overtime ticked away as Mayhem struggled for a second attack, but could not manage. Spitfire held strong.

The Spitfire, knowing they had little time, charged out of the spawn room with an aggressive push onto the objective, and in short order, took the objective while Mayhem fell apart, giving game two to Spitfire.


London Spitfire Wins 4-3


Map 3 (Nepal) 

2018-04-05 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Spitfire began the match with a dive immediately onto the control point, so they could prepare a defense, but failed to maintain as Mayhem pushed them off with ease, starting their progress.  Spitfire struggled to regroup for a push as Mayhem held the highground. Only until 97% were Spitfire able to barely scrape the Mayhem off the point, overturning it in their favor. Twice Sayaplayer couldn’t pull off an effective Deadeye, but that didn’t stop the Mayhem from putting some heavy pressure onto Spitfire.  Profit as Tracer finally managed to land a clutch Pulse Bomb, taking out Zebbosai, but Mayhem were able to take the control point back and win the round.


In round two, Spitfire were more successful in their aggressive play, earning themselves the control point first.  Mayhem was quick to counter and fight back, causing Spitfire to scatter, but still managed to maintain their control.  Profit’s Riptire was the only cause for respite, but Tviq followed up with his own, putting the pressure back on. In overtime, both teams slugged it out on the point, but Profit snuck around the back as Junkrat and dealt a devastating blow to Sayaplayer and Zuppeh, giving Spitfire the room to claim round two.


Round three opened with both teams charging into each other before the control point.  Hooreg and Tviq both as Pharrah forcing heavy damage from the sky onto their opposition.  Spitfire won out in the fight, and took the control point. Profit as Tracer gave Mayhem a real run for their money, ripping the team apart alone while the rest of his team moved into position.  Mayhem failed to counter and ultimately lost the round and the game.


London Spitfire Wins 2-1


Map 4 (Route 66) 


Attack 1- London

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In the final game of the night, Spitfire came out the spawn room led by Gesture as Roadhog.  Their push of the payload was initially uncontested, until they came around the first corner, but managed to take out both Mayhem tanks and Sayaplayer as Widowmaker.  Effortlessly, they got to checkpoint A and continued onward. Not far past the checkpoint, Mayhem emerged with an aggressive defense, stalling the payload for some time, but Gesture stuck by, never giving them a chance to push it backward.  The Mayhem defense continued to fall to Spitfire, as they pushed past checkpoint B and into the final stretch. Mayhem managed to push Spitfire off for a short time, but the attackers regrouped fairly quickly to continue their push. Awesomeguy unleashed his Primal Rage to keep Spitfire away, followed by Manneten’s Self Destruct, but were unable to make real progress.  Profit as Tracer dealt some devastating blows to the Mayhem as he weaved through their line. Spitfire kept their pace and claimed the final checkpoint.


Attack 2- Florida

Mayhem began their push of the payload without much struggle, only meeting resistance at the first corner.  Sayaplayer’s as Widowmaker sniped out Bdosin as Zenyatta, but was himself taken out by Birdring as Widowmaker right after.  Mayhem wasn’t taking any nonsense from the Spitfire and plowed right through their defense and took checkpoint A. Sayaplayer showed his skill by dropping 3 Spitfire members with headshots, giving his team respite against the Spitfire defensive push.  Tviq followed up with some incredible flank moves, ending with a Pulse Bomb directly onto Gesture as Winston. Just before checkpoint B, Spitfire collected themselves to stall out Mayhem, forcing them to reset. With very little time left, the Mayhem attempted a final push, but Profit as Tracer slaughtered Zuppeh and Zebbosai almost immediately, decimating the attack.  Unfortunately the Mayhem could not recover from the blow, and the payload stopped just short of checkpoint B, giving the victory to Spitfire.

London Spitfire wins 3-1



Match Score: London Spitfire Wins 3-0-1

MVP: Profit – He was such an aggressive, powerful player for the London Spitfire, serving to be the strongest arm of their attacks and defense.  His incredible precision and clever pulse bombs were a distinct advantage for the Spitfire.  I would put money down that without him, Mayhem would have won this match.


Match Rating: 8/10 – Tonight we saw Awesomeguy and Sayaplayer in action with Mayhem for the first time, and they certainly pulled their weight.  While the score looks one sided, this match was anything but. Mayhem truly proved they can be a dangerous contender even against the top tier teams.  Both teams pulled off some incredible plays and these games give some incredible insight to the abilities of every player.

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