Overwatch League Gift Guide

Just a few of the Overwatch items you could nab for the holidays!

It’s that time of year again: The off-season. For Overwatch League fans, it’s hard to wait until February to finally see our favorite team in action. We’ve kept track of the player signings and all the trades. We’ve been following the newly announced teams on Twitter. But it’s still hard to be patient.

So let’s use Christmas (and Hanukkah – although that’s already passed) as a way to help lift everyone’s spirits! Get your friends, significant other, family and co-workers pumped for Season 2 by giving them some sweet Overwatch-themed gifts this season.


Overwatch League

Do they appreciate experiences more than things? Give them the experience of a lifetime by attending a Season 2 tournament together in February! According to AXS, the opening week’s schedule has been announced – and tickets are available Dec. 12!

There are sixteen matches the first week, four a day from Thursday to Sunday (bye bye Wednesday), and this first week is looking to be insane. The first day is a rematch between Season 1 winners London Spitfire and runner-ups Philadelphia Fusion. Later that day we will also finally see Hangzhou Spark sport their cotton candy skins in a game against the Shanghai Dragons.


Overwatch League Season One Jerseys

Whatever the reason, jerseys and other team merch are having a major sale on Blizzard’s official website, and that can never be a bad thing. It could simply be the holiday deal of a lifetime. It could be that they’re making new stuff for Season 2. It could be that the Overwatch League is partnering with Fanatics, and these old clothes are about to become “vintage.” Or maybe it’s just the deal of a lifetime!

Seriously, I just bought four t-shirts at $7 a piece, and two Overwatch League hoodies for just over $13 each. With shipping, I paid $61, the same amount that ONE JERSEY would usually cost.

The only catch is that many sizes are gone or going fast – no surprise when the jerseys are only $15, an insane 75% markdown from the original price. For example, The Los Angeles Gladiators’ jerseys are all sold out at the moment, except for their 3XL and 4XL sizes. But the Seoul Dynasty’s jersey still has every size in stock. To be fair, their jersey isn’t the most exciting, hence why I purchased their more dynamic t-shirt instead.

While I can’t guarantee how long this sale will last, it’s still always worth getting a jersey repping the team the gift receiver loves.

Blizzard Gear – Prices vary

D.Va Bomber Jacket

Whether they’re a D.Va main or not, they won’t be able to deny how fresh this jacket is. My favorite part has to be the sleeve with the four patches running up it, but I honestly love the entire look of this piece. From the D.Va logo patch on the chest to the bunny head print lining the interior, this jacket has high attention to detail. Anyone would look cool in this.

Box Lunch – $83.93

D.Va Carbon Fiber Hoodie

Dudes, we didn’t forget about you either. We know everyone loves D.Va. How can they not? And how can the Overwatch League fan in your life not love this clean hoodie? Red and gold accents make this hoodie pop like the pages of a graphic novel. While the logos all over the hoodie are undeniably fresh, the part that brought it all together for me was the back of the hoodie, which exclaims, “I play to win!”

Hot Topic – $59.90

Arctic Mei Laplander

It’s winter. It’s cold. Getting a jacket or fuzzy socks for a gift is commonplace this time of year. But some apparel is more unique than others. Like this cosplay-quality blue and white winter hat with adorable braided accents a la Mei. I feel warmer just looking at the photos of this hat, especially the one that shows how warm and fuzzy the interior lining is.

Jinx – $24.99

  • Bonus Hat: Pachimari Beanie – This is too adorable not to mention. Look at his face! Jinx – $19.99

Witch Mercy Mini Backpack

Okay, this thing is FLY AF. And I’m not apologizing for that pun. Perfect for the healer main in your life, this backpack is a badass eye-catcher – with its Halloween Terror wings. Yeah, it may be based on a Halloween skin, but this thing is fashionable all year ‘round.

Box Lunch – $69.90


Nevermore Reaper

Etsy – $353.00

Winged Victory Mercy

Etsy – $410.00

McCree Chest Armor

Etsy – $220.00


Etsy – $425.00


Ultimate Genji Swords

If you’re like me, you have a roommate who celebrates his weeb-dom by collecting katanas. But even if you don’t, there’s definitely an Overwatch League fan in your life who would love to have these beautiful swords. Plus, they talk! “Ryūjin no ken o kurae- 龍神の剣をくらえ!”

Blizzard – $200

Funko Pop! Roadhog & Junkrat

This is a Blizzard exclusive Pop figure, perfect for the Pop collector in your life. These surprisingly expressive and detailed figures are sure to steal the heart of whoever receives them. Get it? ‘Cause they steal?

Blizzard – $24.50

Overwatch League Logo Pins

Remember how the jerseys were on sale? Well, prepare to have your mind blown: So are the Overwatch League accessories! For just $2 you can rep your favorite team with bold logo pins – along with magnets and lanyards. Whether they’re put on a backpack or hoodie, these accessories are sure to transform any drab surface into a battle cry for Season 2.

High Noon Wall Clock

Overwatch-themed office supplies and home decor are very abundant online. And they probably all make good gifts. But this homemade clock is a great alternative if they’re more into collecting stand-out pieces that nobody else may have.


When it comes to gift giving, nothing beats personalized or made-to-order items. And when it comes to esports, the personalized gifts are even cooler because they can be created by the many creative minds that work directly in the industry! Getting a sticker or drawing of their favorite Overwatch League player designed by someone who works for Team Liquid or Cloud 9 is a one-of-a-kind gift that can’t be beat.

Here are two notable artists I know personally from within the industry who have amazing skills and art styles: 

Stacey – @Shiroiusagi_

Hunny – @Hunnybaes

Of course there are many, many more, and I am sure they’d be more than excited to create a special gift for the special people on your list this year!

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