Overwatch League – Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty – S3W2

Seoul Dynasty Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Dallas Fuel charge into the arena struggling to get a good run going and banking on the debut of Min-seok “OGE” Son to do it starting with their historical APEX nemesis. The Seoul Dynasty casually stroll into the arena knowing that history, and Fleta, are both on their side.


Starting Lineups

Fuel – Effect, OGE, Mickie, AKM, Unkoe, Harryhook

Dynasty – Miro, Munchkin, Gmabler, Ryujehong, Xepher, Fleta


Map One – Volskaya

The Fuel come out on the attack and quickly drop onto point A. The Dynasty are able to fend the initial push off, but the Fuel don’t go far (just behind the house) and re-engage quickly but are unable to gain any ground. The Fuel regroup, and in their next coordinated push are able to lure the Dynasty deep and away giving them time to cap point A. The attack into point B is quickly rebuffed and the Dynasty extend out hunting the Fuel with Fleta popping a Dragonblade for a quick triple kill. The Fuel regroup and push into point B gaining ground while pushing the Dynasty back. Fleta wakes up and is able to deliver the eliminations with Munchkin to hold the Fuel to two ticks on point B. OGE touches the point to light the overtime wick and the teams clash on the point. In the chaos AKM pops a Tactical Visor and with a triple kill helps the Fuel secure point B and complete the map.

The Dynasty come out, huddle behind the hut, and Ryujehong takes the lead and begins to probe. There is some back and forth, but Unkoe and Harryhook fall allowing the Dynasty to easily clean up and take point A. On the first push onto point B the Dynasty claim their ground and refuse to give it up sending the Fuel back to respawn and to the next round of the map with over five minutes on the clock. The Dynasty come out quickly and Munchkin focuses in and removes AKM’s Widowmaker from the map to allow Fleta unchallenged access to the defenders. Miro and Fleta turn up the heat and burn the Fuel off to take the needed tick for the win.

Seoul Dynasty Win 3-2


Map Two – Numbani

No substitutions for either team.

The Fuel explode out of spawn with AKM rocketing as Pharah before falling back and switching the Genji while everyone else waits at the bus stop. The change is obviously for the best as the Fuel fall onto point A from the back alley and through the shops, smashing into the Dynasty, and able to get two ticks before being pushed off and back to spawn. The Fuel are able to regroup and flip the point to release the payload. The drive begins but the Fuel are quickly stalled around the first corner. The Fuel are finally able to get the payload a mere 10 meters from point B but the Dynasty wall up and keep them off as time runs out.

The Dynasty come out on fire and despite the Fuel’s best effort they get burned up and the Dynasty squat on the point… until the Fuel reignite and OGE drops on the point to stop the cap followed quickly by the rest of his team and the battle begins in earnest with casualties on both sides. Fleta eats a Helix rocket from AKM, Munchkin wipes Harryhook from the point, and Mickie Self-Destructs with little effect before the Dynast finally seal the capture and release the payload. The drive is quick around the first bend with a stall by the Fuel on the second. The Dynasty are able to gain some ground and are SO close to goal… but the Fuel fire on all cylinders and grind them to the end to earn the map win.

Dallas Fuel Win 2-1


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Map Three – Nepal

Wekeed is being substituted in for Munchkin by the Seoul Dynasty. Rascal is being substituted in for AKM by the Dallas Fuel.



The Fuel take the point first and hold firm against the Dynasty. The Dynasty regroup and are able to dislodge them after they accumulated 61%. OGE is the Fuel shield as they take the point back from the Dynasty after only getting 23%. Fleta takes to the skies and supports the Dynasty efforts to retake the point after 81%. The Fuel come back again with OGE as the shield and take the point back after 47%. The Fuel take the point and win.



The Dynasty come to the point with vengeance burning in their eyes. They quickly dispatch the Fuel and take the initial control of the point. Fleta delivers death through the Widowmaker scope while Wekeed spams the grenades and the Dynasty have effectively locked the Fuel out of the point.The Fuel find an opening and are able to flip the point behind the shield of OGE after the Dynasty had already accumulated 99%. The Dynasty are stalled for a bit, but finally get back in and are able to flip the point and maintain control for the map win.



The Dynasty come out yet once again in a furious charge and take the point as Miro becomes their shield. The Fuel return and flip the point after the Dynasty had amassed 57%. Rascal holds the Dynasty off with long range rocketry, but eventually they are able to get back in and take the point back after 31% had been secured by the Fuel. The Fuel push in but Ryujehong Nano-boosts Miro who fends them off with ease allowing the Dynasty to maintain control for the round and map win.

Seoul Dynasty Win 2-1


Map Four – Route 66

No substitutions for either team.


The Fuel come out on attack and quickly get the payload rolling. As they round the first bend the Dynasty try to stall, but the Fuel just roll right on through them and on to point A. The drive continues and the Fuel again scatter the Dynasty defenses bringing them to just meters from point B. The Dynasty drop down trying to stall the Fuel’s progress but are quickly sent back to spawn and the Fuel secure point B. The drive to point C continues and although the Dynasty are finally able to get some progress and slow the payload down, it is never truly stopped. Rascal pulls his Dragonblade but fails to find the kills needed to secure the payload’s path. The Fuel continue their aggressive push, Mickie is able to clear the point with a Self-Destruct, and with just 0.02m to go the fight intensifies atop the payload before finally sliding into goal with 2:30 still on the clock.

The Dynasty come out of the gates trying to match the Fuel’s aggression, but they are forced back into the spawn by the Fuel after Miro leaps off the map leaving Fleta unprotected. The Dynasty regroup and come back out in a murder ball formation that scatters the Fuel and allows them to gain ground with the payload. Just meters from point A the Fuel dive back down and send the Dynasty back to spawn. The Dynasty, firmly believing the third time will be the charm, come out, expend any and all banked ultimates, and are able to finally get the payload to point A. The Dynasty continue the drive, but are quickly pushed back and forced to regroup short of the first overpass. Effect continues to deliver final blow after final blow as the payload starts to roll back. The Fuel continue a forward positioning stall, not allowing the Dynasty to establish a solid presence on the payload. With less than ten seconds the Dynasty make their last push, Rascal pops his Dragonblade delivering kills and Effect delivers a Pulsebomb on Fleta to maintain the hold and secure the map win.

Dallas Fuel Wins 3-1

Map Five – Oasis

Munchkin is being substituted in for Wekeed by the Dynasty.



The teams clash on and above the point in chaotic fashion. The Fuel gain control after Rascal hacks Fleta and Effect does the clean up. The Dynasty are able to get onto the point, Munchkin and Miro tag team for the much needed eliminations, and flip it after the Fuel had accumulated 56%. The Fuel are unable to flip the point back until after the Dynasty had accumulated 75%. The Dynasty are rebuffed time and time again. As the Fuel score hits 99% Miro makes a last ditch leap to light the wick, the Fuel fall to eliminate him and the rest of the Dynasty come in behind them and are able to flip the point back. The score goes 99% to 99%, the overtime wick is lit, the Dynasty have control and are finally able to get the Fuel off for the map win.



The teams clash and Mickie finds the hooks and kills needed to allow the Fuel to take control first. The Dynasty are able to flip the point after 56% had been accumulated by the Fuel. Miro and OGE are going shield to shield when Munchkin lands a Graviton to wipe the Fuel from the map.The overtime wick lights with 99% for the Dynasty but Rascal has flown over everyone and is able to do a back cap on the point to bring it back under Fuel control. The score goes 99% to 99% and again the action is fast and furious, but Wekeed delivers the Rip-tire to OGE that started the cascade and the wick burns out giving the Dynasty the map and match win

Seoul Dynasty Wins 2-0


Match Score: Seoul Dynasty Win 3-2


Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

MVP: Miro


Miro’s tank play remains to be an often overlooked component of the Seoul Dynasty’s success, and it was his integral role especially on the Control maps that really gave Seoul the slightest of edges


Match Score: 9/10

This match has deep roots in the Overwatch APEX series, but even that aside this was the debut of OGE and the hype train was REAL. The Dallas Fuel really looked the best they have in STAGES, and the way they pushed the Seoul Dynasty to five games is a sign that given a few more weeks and they may start living up to the expectations of them in the pre-season.

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