London and Philly Fight in Match Two – The End of Fusion

2018-02-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The arena was packed for match two in Overwatch League Grand Finals. London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion faced off.


London Spitfire came out with an early defense stopping the Fusion on Junkertown, holding them to two points. The Fusion could not break through the Profit and Birdring death duo. They were stopped at point two.


London came back on offense and despite a massive Poko bomb, London was relentless in their push. Fusion could not mount a defense as Gesture led the tank charge through Philly. The Fusion need to turn it up if they plan to get anywhere in the next map. Junkertown goes to London.

Spitfire Win 3-2


On Lijiang Tower was another massacre. They continued to dominate the Fusion. Sado started strong but ended out of position again as they continued to exploit Philly’s weakness. London pushed both capture points quickly allowing the Fusion only one flip. They dominated the map, it was a slaughter.


Can Fusion bring it back?


That answer cam on Map 3 in King’s Row. London continued to keep the team out of position and get their picks quickly. The Fusion were on the ropes and London was not about to let up.


Map Three ended the Grand Finals much more quickly than many expected. It was over the London won the first Grand Finals Trophy!

Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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