Hangzhou Spark Announced!

Hangzhou Spark branding / Photo Courtesy Overwatch League

The newest addition to the Overwatch League have announced themselves as the Hangzhou Spark earlier today.

Hangzhou is one of the three Chinese cities joining OWL, alongside Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and is owned by bilibili, a video sharing service in China that also owns a League of Legends team. Hangzhou’s president is Chen Youyou, a veteran of the Chinese Overwatch scene.

The team’s colour scheme is a peppy pink with blue and white, a welcome change from the reds and blues we’ve seen saturate the League. The logo depicts a spark element shooting from a hand. The name—Spark—symbolizes extreme speed and power, and also represents the electric nature and creative spark of the bilibili brand.

There’s no roster news as yet, continuing the trend of teams announcing branding before rosters. With Hangzhou’s reveal, only Washington D.C. and Vancouver have yet to reveal their branding.

Billy "Korjubzot" Walker is a journalism student with a newfound passion for esports, based in Queensland, Australia. He spends most of his time playing RPGs, competitive shooters and platformers, and he always thanks his healers.
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