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2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch and Overwatch League have announced that you’ll be able to earn Overwatch League Tokens for watching the games. This is a big deal, as it means you’ll see a lot more players representing their teams in-game, assuming they haven’t already bought league tokens to support their teams in the first place. It’s also an incentive for players to tune into more of the games, as a percent of viewers will be gifted 100 league tokens on top of those they were already earning for watching!


The system works by rewarding you one league token per map victory, meaning you’ll need to watch 100 map victories to be able to earn one skin, but in that time the chance of you randomly being selected to win 100 tokens goes up of course. The promotion is apparently made to try and boost viewership, as Twitch supposedly paid $90 million to be able to stream Overwatch League on their site. Along with this token system, Overwatch League and Twitch put in place another reason for viewers to spend more on and watch more of Overwatch League.


Ready, Set, Cheer is a system that works by viewers in Twitch Chat spending a virtual Twitch item called Bits. Bits are an item a viewer in chat can pay for that allows them to use an animated emote to celebrate a moment on stream. In the case of Overwatch League, the higher amount of bits you spend, the bolder and more noticeable your emote becomes in chat.


Overwatch League Fans Cheering

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


If you spend 100 Bits, you’ll unlock one of the 26 in-game hero emotes for Twitch chat and if you use 150, you’ll unlock a team’s emote for permanent use. With these new emotes, Twitch has also included the Bit counter, which rewards all viewers for cheering with bits. Once viewers hit a Bit milestone, they’ll unlock unique in-game skins. These skins are a combination of grey and orange this being the colors of the Overwatch League logo. The first milestone twitch viewers need to hit is 40 million Bits, to unlock an Overwatch League home skin for Tracer. Currently, Twitch viewers are sitting six million bits cheered in total!


With this of course comes the team leaderboards, to show which teams are getting the most love from chat. From now on, you’ll be able to see Twitch chat come alive with the cries of fans cheering their teams on at home and as they battle it to make sure their team gets the most love on the leaderboard. Currently sitting in the number one spot is Seoul Dynasty with just shy of a million Bits cheered for them in chat. Behind them lies Dallas Fuel, also in the 900,000 range, with third place being Houston who sit at a good 100,000 away from the Fuel. These will vary of course during the entire play time of the first season of the Overwatch League, so no one can say who’s the Twitch chat favorite just yet.


All these changes make one thing obvious, Twitch wants you to watch Overwatch League as much as possible, and they want viewers to stay around for as much Overwatch League as they can. At the moment it’s not safe to say if these promotions will have an effect on the number of views they’ll receive when matches are being played, but today’s stream seemed to sit around 177,000 views a great turn out for what should be a great stage!

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