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The day of the Contenders EU semi-finals is finally here. The first match started with the favorites British Hurricane against CIS Hope. Prior to the match, the British Hurricane have spent one week in Sweden in a boot camp. CIS Hope put up a fight in the first two maps, managing to take a map off their opponent. In the end, it was not enough and the British Hurricane could secure their spot in the finals with a solid 3-1.

It seemed that both teams have decided to prepare for a triple tank line-up as this dominated all maps played. Overall, a lot of different heroes have seen some playtime, so let’s dive into a quick recap for the different maps.



On each side, we could see a Sombra being played. British Hurricane decided to go for a dive composition, while CSI Hope went for the Reinhardt.

Neither team seemed to dominate the first round, it was more testing out the opponent and their playstyle. The point swapped back and forth between the teams, going to 99% for both.

Kyb on Sombra and Kragie on Tracer were playing great together, finished off the players of CIS Hope, and the British Hurricane managed to secure the first round.



A round of Graviton’s and Self-Destruct’s, a perfect description for what could be seen on University.

Both teams went for a triple tank composition with Reinhardt, D.Va and Zarya, with Junkrat, Moira and Lucio in addition.

The first fight about the point went in favor of CIS Hope. Unfixed charged his Graviton Surge in just under one minute and Txao cleaned up British Hurricane with a perfectly placed Self-Destruct, earning a triple kill.

The point swapped to the British Hurricane after 76% for CIS Hope. The play of the match should definitely go to Kragie here, who defended the point for his team. A second Graviton Surge came in from CIS Hope, Fusion on Reinhardt already down to Kensi’s mine. With the Self-Destruct incoming from Txao, Kragie placed two bubbles just in time and shielded his teammates from certain death.



British Hurricane, still with control of the point had the win within reach. Kensi, in need of a good RIP-Tire, lead it around the point and managed a triple kill. His play was followed by an Earth Shatter, CIS Hope took the point back and won the round.

City Center

Another triple tank composition with Sombra came out for both teams.

The British Hurricane were able to gain control first and pushed the enemy back, mostly due to Kragie who went wild. With almost five ultimates on the ready, they waited for the next attack.

CSI Hope used their EMP first, but in a rather suboptimal situation with no follow-up. It was an easy play for British Hurricane with their counter EMP and they defended the point easily.

CSI Hope could not find their footing and were unable to get the needed kills, never mind control of the point. As the control meter showed 99% for the British Hurricane, another EMP came out from CIS Hope and Kyb, hacked as well, died with his EMP at the ready.

This time around, British Hurricane found themselves unable to get the control back. The control meter went to 36% for CIS Hope, before the point swapped in favour for British Hurricane.

Kensi was the only one alive and had to divide his attention between Kyb’s Translocator and touching the point. As his teammates were coming back, Unfixed got two needed kills and the British Hurricane crumbled due to the unexpected extension of overtime. CIS Hope took the control and managed to keep control until the end of the round.



The second map saw another triple tank setup with Junkrat on both sides, and each team managed to capture the first point in around two minutes.

In the second part of the map we were able to see swaps to Widowmaker and dive for the defending teams.

Thanks to a Graviton Surge early on from Kragie, the British Hurricane were able to push the payload almost to the second checkpoint. Just before the opponent could secure the second point, Unfixed went for an EMP, he and Kensi went wild and stopped the attack from British Hurricane.

With an incoming second Graviton Surge and a Sound Barrier, Fusion got a huge Earth Shatter and went swinging with his hammer. The British Hurricane pushed the Payload to the checkpoint.

CIS Hope made the swap back to Reinhardt and Zarya, but British Hurricane pushed aggressively. Yet another Gaviton Surge from Kragie caught the opponent just under the last archway. Mayn saved his teammates with his Transcendence, while Sharyk and Txao stepped up as the big defenders.

Within the last five seconds left to go, Kragie, now on Tracer, takes down Sharyk and it seems British Hurricane can finish the map. With the cart mere meters from the finish line, Kensi caught the enemy unaware and he went on a killing spree behind the enemy. With all members of British Hurricane fallen, CIS Hope could defend the third checkpoint.


During CIS Hope’s turn on the second part of the map, Kensi made the swap to Widowmaker as well, after the first push failed.

Kensi went on a hunt, killing the enemy left and right, but somehow his team was unable to get the upper hand. Thanks to a Graviton Surge, CIS Hope pushed the Payload further, before they were stopped short of taking the second point.

In the last seconds, Sharyk tried his best and pushed the cart some more meters. He also used his Primal Rage to push the enemy of the Payload while moving on. In the end, CIS Hope fell short of taking the second point, mostly thanks to Kragie, Hafficool and Bock1, who managed to get the needed kills for their team time and time again.


2018-05-06 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment



On the first attack, both teams went for a triple tank setup with Junkrat again. A double Graviton Surge from both sides could have ended either way, but CIS Hope’s Kensi had already used his RIP-Tire in an earlier fight. Kyb managed to get a triple kill with his own RIP-Tire and his team could push on to the second point.

CIS Hope decided to change to standard dive with Ana. It did not take long for the British Hurricane to charge up another Graviton Surge. They used it in combination with EMP and easily cleaned up CIS Hope. The second point was taken with 3:25 minutes left.


British Hurricane went for a dive composition with Mei, Junkrat and Ana for their defense. CIS Hope surprised with an interesting strategy to begin their attack. Txao, on D.Va, went scouting ahead, while the rest of his team waited in spawn. After spotting the defending team, CIS Hope acted quickly and swapped to dive, with Unfixed on Pharah.

A great pick, as Unfixed managed to take out Bock1 on Ana instantly. Engh, on Mercy, was everywhere, damage boosting Sharyk and Mayn who were shredding through the enemy.

Swiftly on to the second point, Txao aggressively pushed the enemy back towards their spawn and the British Hurricane had no chance to touch a point without getting killed. With 5:21 minutes left to go, CIS Hope captured the second point.


On their second attack, the British Hurricane got the enemy Lucio and Junkrat first. The first point was taken quickly.

The second point proved to be more difficult to take. In the last seconds, another double Graviton Surge from both teams came in. But thanks to Bock1 on Moira, the British Hurricane got the kills they needed and took the second point in overtime.

For their defense, the British Hurricane chose dive in order to control the high ground. And it seemed to work, Unfixed was unable to do a lot with his Pharah.

CIS Hope were forced to swap to dive with Unfixed on Genji. Even though they had an advantage of two minutes compared to the British Hurricane, the timer went down to 30 seconds quickly.

A Dragonblade at the ready, it could have been the decider for CIS Hope – but Unfixed goes down. Kyb seemed to be everywhere, raining his grenades and throwing his mines.

As the last second ticked down, CIS Hope went onto the point with four men, Transcendence out ß Kensi and Sharyk went down just seconds before. A nade from Bock1 was the game changer, with no healing for CIS Hope they fall to Kyb’s Junkrat and are unable to capture the point.



CIS Hope had to win the map to have any chance of making it to the finals. Therefore they went for a Pirate ship composition, against a triple tank from British Hurricane, with Kragie on Roadhog and Fusions on Orisa.

They marched through the streets without resistance or anyone even trying to contest the cart. In 45 seconds they took the first checkpoint.

The British Hurricane had now swapped to a dive composition, with Kragie on Tracer. As the Payload rolled on strong and halfway through, Kyb got a RIP-Tire and could finally take out Kensi on Bastion.

CIS Hope were struggling to push the Payload, as the British Hurricane made themselves comfortable on the high ground, Kyb raining grenades from above as usual.

A swap to a dive composition was inevitable, Kensi on Widowmaker and Unfixed on Tracer. They finally managed to get control of the high ground, but time and time again, Kyb was getting the crucial kills on the enemy, followed up by Kragie with Pulse Bombs or clips from his guns.

No matter how hard they tried, CIS Hope were unable to take the seconds point.

For their attack, the British Hurricane went for a quad tank against a dive composition from CIS Hope. Fusions was swinging his hammer and his team managed to take the first point in exactly one minute.

In the end, CIS Hope had nothing to stand against the aggressive British Hurricane, who were able to take the final checkpoint and win the map.




Even though the British Hurricane went in as favorites, in the beginning, it seemed that CIS Hope could keep up. Taking the first map in an excitingly back and forth, they had a chance to take the series to a game five.

But the British Hurricane found their mojo in the second half of Horizon and dominated each map from there.

It was refreshing to see a lot of tanks and following the action at any given time, a lot of counter picks and hero swaps included.

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