Boston Still Winless, NYXL Remain on Top – Stage 4, Week 2

2018-05-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Today’s matches are absolutely stacked with almost every team jostling for playoff positioning, NYXL and SF Shock excluded. Find out how the day’s matches went below!

Match 1: LA Valiant vs. Boston Uprising

Match Score: 3-2 LA Valiant

Players of the Match: Fate and Striker


Los Angeles Valiant Wins!

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Uprising continued to struggle to adapt to any tank meta that isn’t Winston-D.Va, with the Valiant taking a convincing wins on King’s Row and Hanamura. The Uprising could not finish either map and continued to show the restriction in their hero pool. The Valiant looked crisp and coordinated in both of their defenses on the maps, showing their diversity in the Brigitte-Hog-Orisa and Reinhardt-Zarya compositions.  


The second half was a much different story- Boston stepped up! Oasis was one of the closest maps of the week so far. With a dive being more viable on this map, the Uprising could hang with the Valiant, taking them to the 3rd Oasis map. Mistakes more than carried his weight, popping off on the McCree and closing out their first map win of the night. On Dorado, Boston carried their momentum and did a solid job on the defense with their double sniper composition, holding LA to about 2.5 points. The offense was a complete steamroll, with Striker’s Widowmaker popping multiple heads. Extra Overwatch!


Nepal was a very fun map to watch. The Valiant open up with a triple tank comp while Boston comes out with a Rein-Zarya-Brigitte. Boston outplay their opponents and force a switch from the Valiant to a mirrored composition. Agilities then proceeds to hard carry the Valiant for the rest of the map, the Pharah player racking up barrage after barrage, absolutely pummeling the Uprising. This win is huge for the Valiant’s playoff positioning, and not a good sign for Boston as they still winless in Stage 4.


Match 2: Seoul Dynasty vs. NYXL

Match Score: 4-0 NYXL

Players of the Match: Saebyeolbe and Fleta


All is right with the Dynasty now that Ryujehong and Miro are on their respective roles again, and they looked…better? However, it wasn’t enough to topple the titans. King’s Row actually didn’t look too bad, stopping the XL just short of a map finish. The attack could have gone better, where poor ultimate management and target focus in the streets phase lost them the map. Moving onto Horizon Lunar Colony, well… let’s just say it isn’t Seoul’s best map. They’ve lost the map three times in a row now, and their performance tonight was possibly the most abysmal yet, with the Dynasty failing to capture a single point.

The second half just made me feel bad for Seoul. Arriving at Lijiang Tower, the NYXL easily took Night Market 100%-0%, but on Garden, the point reached 99%-99% and Seoul was in control of the fight, though they had yet to take possession of the point. Then, they all left the point to pursue targets… you know where this is going. C9 (LUL).

Gibraltar was the most interesting map of the set. Even with the series effectively over, Seoul refused to give in. Both teams finish the map, setting up a time bank round for both teams. The Dynasty pulled out a Brigitte-Bastion Pirate Ship strategy, but it was immediately shut down by a crisp NYXL dive. This set up an easy take for the NYXL, allowing them to finish the map (and the series) with ease. The NYXL look as pristine as ever, while Seoul is still looking for answers, trying to find an identity. 


Match 3: San Francisco Shock vs. Houston Outlaws

Match Score: 4-0

Players of the Match: Architect and Linkzr


The Shock came out strong on Blizzard World, dominating both the offense and defense. They outplayed the Outlaws in almost every team fight with almost every composition. On Assault, Horizon Lunar Colony seemed like a given for Houston, given that it’s one of the Outlaws’ best maps and one of Shock’s worst. The Shock shockingly steamrolled Houston, full holding point A and taking the map 2-0.


2018-03-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shock’s superiority continued on Oasis, thwarting any and all Outlaws pushes. Muma and Coolmatt’s health bars were below 50% almost all the time, while Jake was dead first in almost every team fight. Dorado was quite a rollercoaster ride for the Shock offense. The Outlaws held first point for the first 3:30, but finally broke as the Shock snowballed all the way through the map, finishing all 3 points. On the flipside, the Outlaws fail to capture a single point- the story of their night.


The Shock looked like they could compete with the NYXL tonight, with every one of their compositions looking tight, coordinated, and flawless. This sets Houston back in a big way, changing their playoff outlook from hopeful to bleak. They will essentially have to win out the rest of their games if they want a shot at a playoff seed.


What’s Next?

With the Uprising continuing their fall and the Outlaws looking very unprepared, the playoff hole is open to the Gladiators, Dynasty, and Fusion to move in, rack up some wins, and make some noise in the standings. Next week should be interesting, with many playoff implications left to consider!

Sameer Karim
Sameer has been playing and spectating professional Overwatch since launch, and has been absolutely engrossed with it. He recently started writing and is excited to cover the league as a Houston native and Outlaws fan. He started writing on Medium, and eventually branched out writing about other topics in OWL.
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