APEX to Become Contenders Korea

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch Path to Pro will change APEX to Contenders Korea. This new format posted by Blizzard will work as what looks like a set up for Overwatch League. Here is the breakdown in the press release:


Beginning in March, Overwatch Contenders will expand beyond North America and Europe, taking place in a total of seven regions with three seasons a year.

  • Embracing Existing Regional Leagues – Overwatch APEX, Overwatch Premier Series, and the Overwatch Pacific Championship will become Contenders Korea, Contenders China, and Contenders Pacific, respectively.
  • Brand-New Regions – Australia and South America will be added.


Overwatch Open Division returns in January in the same seven regions as Contenders.


  • Starting in February, the top four Open Division teams from each region will be invited to compete in that region’s Contenders Trials, an eight-team promotion-relegation tournament for Overwatch Contenders.

To learn more about Path to Pro, please find the announcement blog and video at:

More program details to follow in December.

We will post up an analysis of this information later tonight.

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