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London Spitfire vs. LA Valiant: An Aerial Affair

Chants of “Wings Out” pierced the walls of the casting booth on the second day of the Semifinals. The LA Valiant and London Spitfire were ready to fight for the chance to book their ticket to Brooklyn and the inaugural Overwatch League Grand Finals. Over the chants, Mitch “Uber” Leslie quipped to his casting partner Matt “Mr. X” Morello: “Only one team can take flight.” Read more …

Daniel is life long game player and day dreamer living in St. Paul, MN. He holds a Masters in Writing for Children and Young Adult from Hamline University and writes scripts for both comics and plays. He enjoys playing competitive Overwatch, even if he isn't so great, and enjoys hosting friends for couch co-op gaming. Check him out on Twitter!

OWL Semi-Finals: LA Valiant vs London Spitfire – The Upsets just keep coming

The Overwatch League’s Playoffs have been a roller-coaster so far. The first round was an unpredictable rodeo, and the Semi-Final round started with even more upsets and excitement. London Spitfire took on Los Angeles Valiant in the final match on day 1 of the Semi-Finals. Could the Spitfire continue their decimation of the LA teams on their way to the Finals? Or were the Valiant primed to revenge their fallen brethren in Purple, and bring down the high flying Aces of London? As the dust settled, London emerged victorious, going into their Thursday matches with Los Angeles up 1-0. Read more …

Austin White
Austin White is Overwatchscore’s ‘London Spitfire’ beat writer. An avid esports fan and gamer, Austin spends his free time playing, watching, and writing about video games. You can find his articles both at Overwatchscore as well as EGF. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Fusion Smelt Excelsior In Upset Semi-Final Blowout

The first Semi-final match of the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League pitted the #1 seed New York Excelsior versus the #6 placing Philadelphia Fusion in what promised to be a classic northeast style brawl. The NYXL roster is chocked with the highest level of players, including the Overwatch League MVP Jjonak, and are the statistical favorites to become the Season 1 Champions, but that was a patch and over a month ago…
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Dave Av3 M0rt3m Konig
Dave “Av3 M0rt3m” Konig is a recovering medic who has returned to gaming after a hiatus spent adulting. Huge fan of FPS and RTS, he can often be found romping in MechWarrior Online, eliminating rebel scum in Battlefront II, decrypting engrams from energy drink promotions in Destiny 2, and channels his inner tank to in Overwatch on Twitch. He also occasionally spouts prolific 140-character sage advice on the Twitter, with long form rage and pontification at his gaming blog. When not doing any of that, he’s usually playing Mercy IRL

Overwatch League Semifinal Preview: NYXL vs. Philadelphia Fusion

This Stage 2 finals rematch between the New York Excelsior and Philadelphia Fusion will bring all the hype you could ever ask for. But who’s gonna actually win? 

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Brandon Padilla
Brandon has followed competitive gaming since 2008 and has been featured several times in PCGamer Magazine, and has bylines with The Game Haus and Afterwatch. His mix of in-depth analysis and experienced opinions lends itself well to coverage of the Overwatch League.Follow Brandon on Twitter!

Fissure Clears the Air Regarding Benching Rumors

LA Gladiator’s main tank Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek has spoken out on stream about the rumors behind his benching in today’s quarter-final match against the London Spitfire.

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Billy "Korjubzot" Walker is a journalism student with a newfound passion for esports, based in Queensland, Australia. He spends most of his time playing RPGs, competitive shooters and platformers, and he always thanks his healers.

No Fissure, No Problem: The LA Gladiators Make Quick Work of the London Spitfire in their First Quarterfinal

Game 2 of the Overwatch League Quarterfinals began before either team stepped on stage. The rivalry between the London Spitfire and the Los Angeles Gladiators is steeped in history – a history that centers on Gladiators main tank Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek. After trading Fissure to LA after Stage 1, the Spitfire have never won a match against their former teammate. That record was on pace to continue, until the Gladiators released an explosive statement right before the match.


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Ash Parrish
Ash is an esports journalist and unrepentant underdog supporter. She loves all things Overwatch and has a soft spot for the abysmal Shanghai Dragons. Find her shouting about her love for Geguri on her Twitter profile here.

And the OWL Season 1 MVP Goes To…JJonak

Blizzard has announced the winner of the Overwatch League’s Inagural Season MVP. Congratulations to Jjonak of the New York Excelsior. Read more …

Austin White
Austin White is Overwatchscore’s ‘London Spitfire’ beat writer. An avid esports fan and gamer, Austin spends his free time playing, watching, and writing about video games. You can find his articles both at Overwatchscore as well as EGF. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Staying Busy in the Off-Season Has Never Been Easier for Overwatch Fans

So now that the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League has concluded its regular season, how will you ever get your fix for competitive Overwatch? Read more …

Darien first entered the competitive gaming scene playing Pokemon, and fell in love with Hearthstone and Overwatch soon after. After enrolling in his University's esports program, he became captivated by the Overwatch League, and now he's ready to make his mark on the scene with insightful, informative features.