World Cup Brackets

Overwatch World Cup Poland

The Overwatch World Cup brackets are finally announced as we prep for BlizzCon. Here is the breakdown on how things will go:


  • Team 1A: UK
    Team 1B: Sweden
  • Team 3A: Canada
    Team 3B: Australia


  • Team 2A: China
    Team 2B: France
  • Team 4A: South Korea
    Team 4B: United States

overwatch assault map

This will play out in so many interesting ways having the US and South Korea in the same bracket makes for some top games early on in the tournament. Our dark horse is Australia coming out from down under to win a spot and bringing a huge new audience with them. We cannot wait to see how they do. Overall, this is shaping up to be one of the best tournaments yet. It is a shame that it comes in after the signing window for players to the Overwatch League as we hope everyone playing in the World Cup has a chance to play in the league as well.

We still have a few months until BlizzCon so the time these teams have to prepare may get tricky with Contenders and OWL signings going on all the way through October.

Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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