World Cup Team Preview: Australia

The boys from down under are back with a vengeance, and Team Australia is looking primed to dominate the Bangkok Group Stages of the Overwatch World Cup. Yes, maybe they haven’t done so well in previous years, but as an Australian, I’m obligated to tell you why this year will be different (it’s got nothing to do with the kangaroo outfits, either).




Huseyin “Hus” Sahin
James “Yuki” Stanton
Felix “Ckm” Murray


Scott “Custa Kennedy
Dario “Akraken” Falcao-Rassokha


Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist, on Flex Tank
Ashley “Trill” Powell, on Main Tank

It’s not much of a surprise to see that Team Australia will be similar to the 2017 and 2016 team. We’re a small region, after all, but there’s fresh new talent who’ve proven their mettle. LA Valiant support player, Custa, of course has the spotlight. He’s been Australia’s single representative in the Overwatch League, and he’s done his country proud after transferring to the Valiant in Stage 3.

Hus, Ckm and Trill are veterans of Blank Esports and finished 5-8th in Season 2 Pacific. Despite this disappointing performance, I think Trill can lead the team with his talented tank play. During the Outback Showdown against Hong Kong Trill dominated the show with his Wrecking Ball, and seems to have taken to the hero like a duck to water.

Trill, along with Yuki, have both competed in the World Cup before, though not in the same year. Speaking of Yuki, he and Punk are former members of the now disbanded Dark Sided Overwatch team. The team was dissolved after losing 1:4 to the Sydney Drop Bears (which is the best team name in all of Contenders don’t argue with me) in Contenders Australia Season 2, with the players now looking for new teams. I suspect that regardless of the result of the match, the team would have ended anyways. Though Punk is only 16, he has dual American/Australian citizenship. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t picked up by an academy team.

Now, last but so far from least, is Akraken. This player, only 17 as of last week, has come out of basically nowhere and proven to be some of the best Australian talent around. His skill on supports is unmatched in his region, Zenyatta in particular. As the only Drop Bears player on the roster, he has a lot to live up to. The Drop Bears dropped (heh) only two maps this Contenders season, and have come first place in both seasons.


Punk, Akraken and Trill, without a doubt. These three will be the heroes of Australian Overwatch, and I fully expect at least Punk and Akraken to be signed to OWL once they come of age. Trill will dominate the Group Stages with his tank play, and Akraken will show the world why supports are not to be underestimated.


This time, we’ll make it. Australia’s got some true talent, and after the Outback Showdowns against Taiwan and Canada (4-0 and 2-3, respectively), we’ve proven it. Australia will take first place in Groups and we’ll make third place if we see some upsets. Canada, South Korea and Finland are all the top dogs, but this year Australia might just manage to muscle in with them.

Billy "Korjubzot" Walker is a journalism student with a newfound passion for esports, based in Queensland, Australia. He spends most of his time playing RPGs, competitive shooters and platformers, and he always thanks his healers.
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