The Queen of Junkertown

The new map Junkertown has been released on the PTR for Overwatch. Players have discovered the poster of the next possible Overwatch character, the Junkertown Queen. Could this be the next Overwatch character?

You can find her on the map. Junkrat references her a lot in the video which you can find here. This could be the next playable character after Doomfist added to the game. People have been calling for a girl junker character recently after Junkrat and Road Hog have gotten so much attention with buffs and upgrades.

The big question is when will she possibly be released? At this point, the timeline for announcements is nearing BlizzCon so likely we may see her there. With every new character comes a huge potential for the shift in meta. Once the Overwatch League gets going…well, this could be a huge shift.

Is it possible that she will be the next Overwatch character? This would be a great teaser if true!


Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
Garrett 'Mash' Fuller is an industry veteran having worked with a ton of companies including and Ten Ton Hammer. He brings Overwatchscore a wealth of experience and passion for Overwatch!Follow Mash on Twitter!
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