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Earth, Shattered — Interview with Pokpo of the Atlanta Reign

As a main tank, it’s a hard life. Trust me, I know.

Even with the GOATs meta allowing tanks their time to shine, the lack of dynamic play has bored a lot of viewers. For those who like GOATs, however, the common response is, “You just have to know what to look for.” Read more …

Brittany "Briggsycakes" Gonzalez is a litta bitta switcha hitta Trinirican winna from Philly/New York who now resides in California as the Los Angeles Valiant's official hypewoman/meme victim. She can easily be bribed with apple pie and macaroni and cheese and thrives when writing about her own personal experiences regarding humanity's place in the esports/social media age. Don't @ her unprepared. Follow Briggsy on Twitter here.

Overwatch League: Seoul Dynasty vs Philadelphia Fusion – S3W4

With two weeks remaining in Stage 3, Seoul and Philadelphia find themselves in the playoff hunt. Sitting just on the cusp of entry, whichever team comes out on top this match would receive a huge boost in their chances. Would Seoul right the ship and get back to their Dynasty namesake? Did Philadelphia continue their inexplicable rise to the top of the league? Is Doa and Monte the best casting duo in the world? Lets answer some questions. Read more …

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