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Summary – 

DVA is a popular off tank who sees a ton of attention in professional play. Piloting her Mech DVA excels at maneuverability, damage dealing and general disruption DVA is a fantastic addition to help a team neutralize specific targets on the enemy team. While she won’t lead your team through a choke point, she will jump on  the most problematic enemy and dish out some damage, or shut them down with her defense matrix.

Abilities – 

Fusion Cannon – DVA’s primary attack, her fusion cannons have a high rate of fire and a short range of effectiveness. One major plus of her primary fire is that DVA has unlimited ammunition and thus does not need to reload.

Defense Matrix – DVA’s most valuable ability this is what makes her a truly exceptional pick in professional play. DVA is able to put up a forward facing shield that absorbs enemy projectiles. In addition to typical fire this ability can neutralize a number of dangerous ultimate abilities.

Boosters – DVA’s mech has boosters which fuel her incredible maneuverability. These allow DVA to cover a lot of ground very quickly. Secondarily if DVA ram into an enemy while your boosters are active she does a small amount of damage and knocks the enemy back – this can be used to knock foes off ledges.

Self Destruct- DVA’s ultimate ability. She ejects herself from her mech and after three seconds the mech explodes dealing huge amounts of damage to enemies that are nearby. If DVA is moving or boosting when she activates the self destruct her mech will continue with whatever momentum it had – this is useful for launching a self-destructing mech into places that might be hard to walk to.

Light Gun – When outside of her mech, DVA’s primary attack becomes a medium range pistol. While far more vulnerable outside her mech DVA can do a sneaky amount of damage if ignored with her pistol.

Call Mech – DVA’s alternate ultimate ability. When outside her mech DVA’s ultimate calls down a new mech from orbit and she reverts to her primary set of abilities.

Streams – 

Here are some DVA streams that we enjoy a lot!


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