Team Brazil’s Felipe “liko” Lebrao Interview

Team Brazil

Liko and Team Brazil posing in Los Angeles - Photo Courtesy Team Brazil Twitter

I sat down with Felipe “liko” Lebrao, one of South America’s best Overwatch players during the Overwatch World Cup. Even with Brazil’s run over, ending at a solid 3rd place, it gave them a good chance to showcase their skills and make a case for South American Esports. Liko had a few thoughts on being a middle-of-the-pack team, on the South American scene as a whole, the weight of representing one’s country and the difference in skill from Contenders to the World Cup.


In an earlier interview you said that you think Brazil would be a middle of a pack team, is that true?

Yes, I still think it’s true, I would consider “middle of the pack” third or fourth of the group. I don’t know if we have what it takes to beat USA; I certainly hope we do. It’s a stretch you know, because they have a lot of OWL players. So I think I stand by my statement, yes.  

You’re probably one of the best South American players, do you think that South America is an under-appreciated scene in Overwatch?

Yes, I definitely think so. I think that in SA, we have a lot of raw mechanical skill, I think that’s what we excel in. But as in terms of game sense I don’t think we have enough coaching staff, enough analysts behind the scenes to help everyone improve and make the adjustments quicker, to snap into decisions quicker during the game. Because that’s the biggest gap between us and OWL players. I definitely think there’s a lot of potential for SA.

Is the World Cup just good fun or is there a lot at stake in representing your country?

I think it’s both. It definitely means a lot to represent my country, I think there’s a lot of people cheering for us, they want to see us excel. There’s a lot of people who watch me stream and they go, “Oh you’re popping off on 180 ping, what if you had 0 ping?” This is our chance to prove it. This is our chance to prove it against the world, but we also try to make it fun. I’m lucky enough to come here with my whole team, I’ve known them for about seven years now, I love them and we try to make it fun.

What’s the skill gap between Contenders and the World Cup? Is there more tension, more stress to it? Do you need to bring your “A game” for every match?

I think you put it perfectly, you need to bring your A game for every match, because everybody is carrying a little extra weight trying to represent their country. Everybody is gonna try their hardest and a little bit more. So even though in Contenders, everybody’s playing to win. I think coming up here in person, the nerves get to you, the crowd gets to you. So I think it added up – the World Cup is definitely a little bit higher of a skill gap.

Austin Hanlin
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