Ava “Angie” Zhang 

Angie is relatively new to the eSports scene, but has been writing creatively for almost eight years. When not typing frantically, she can be found playing Starbound, one-tricking Mercy, or studying for her next exam. Find her on Twitter here.


Tracy “Peacebone” Annin

Hailing from the greater Seattle area, Tracy has been a game developer for 8 years and a PC gamer for almost 20. They are a lapsed musician and photographer, and an inveterate Zarya main; in their spare time, they enjoy eating, traveling, and getting tattooed. Check Tracy out on Twitter here.

Shalee Mae

Shalee Mae “MAElstrom” Coleman

Shalee is a freelance editor and theatrical director working remotely and in the Twin Cities. She is a Sagittarius, Gryffindor (Slytherin in denial), ENFP, Leonardo, Mercy Main, Co​nsole​-​pleb, Cat-person, and die-hard LA Gladiators fan. Follow her on Twitter.