Australia Contenders Week Two Recap

The second week of Australian Contenders was a lot of ups and downs. Floats, a modified GOATS comp with Winston and for main tanks, was the flavour of the week. Two veterans of Aussie esports squared up while a set of new teams saw some fun and tense matches.

Monday, Group A

Sydney Drop Bears vs. Blank Esports (4-0)

Main tank ChroNoDotA, recently signed to replace Trill, stepped onto the stage for Sydney and brought them to yet another 4-0 against Blank Esports. A strong 2-0 start on Ilios was followed by a slightly shaky 3-2 on Numbani, though Blank were still pushing the Drop Bears’ limits and making them stumble with good picks on DPS and a panicked final fight on point C. Sydney turned this right around and absolutely dominated on Hanamura attack, taking both points in less than four minutes. Despite two ticks and strong picks, Blank couldn’t crack point A and lost the series. Cleanup on Route 66 went 2-0 to the Drop Bears, wrapping up a fantastic first match for ChroNo.

Despite ChroNo’s connection issues – he currently lives in America – Sydney was able to build a strong team composition mostly using his Winston and Reinhardt, heroes that don’t rely on low ping as much as other tanks. It was a very intelligent team comp from the Drop Bears that Blank couldn’t quite crack, though if ChroNo can be forced off Winston/Reinhardt we might finally see a loss for Sydney.

Mindfreak vs. Athletico Esports (1-3)

Mindfreak have had a truly unfortunate start when it comes to Contenders. Starting their season off with a crushing defeat by Sydney, they continued with another loss to another strong team in Athletico Esports. It wasn’t a write-off, though – Mindfreak had a much better showing this week, starting off by winning Ilios 2-1. The following match on Hollywood went 4-3 in favour of Athletico thanks to some heroic Barrages from Athletico DPS Termo and incredible synergy from Mindfreak on their own attack. Athletico managed to take the lead after a 4-3 on Hanamura (seven minute time bank, anyone?) and came out on top with 3-2 on Route 66.

Standout for Mindfreak was support player Goobs. Goob’s Zenyatta is impressive, building up Transcendences rapidly and more importantly using them intelligently. Coolwhhip’s Zarya was also very strong this week, on positioning and ultimate management especially. Mindfreak will be going up against fellow Trials team Kraken Esports Club next week, so we might see the team claim their first victory.

Kraken Esports Club vs. Legacy Esports (1-3)

Mindfreak might have finally found their footing, but their comrades in Kraken Esports are still getting their sea legs. Opener Ilios was a 2-0 loss for Kraken, with opposing support Thunderkitty proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Though a few of Legacy’s dives were clumsy, they still took the map.

Kraken held a solid early defense dragged down by a Graviton lost to a Defense Matrix and the rookie mistake of comboing Transcendence and Sound Barrier. They did learn from their mistakes and had an aggressive hold at the gate that was torn to pieces by a Self Destruct from Mini. Defense from Legacy was much stronger than their showing last week and with a step away from Floats Comp towards an Orisa/76 combination, they managed to take the map despite losing point A.

That strong defense nearly shattered on Horizon Lunar Colony, with Kraken claiming 3 points to Legacy’s 4. Only after that narrow victory did we see Kraken finally claim a map, with Route 66 going in their favour 2-1. A good show from Legacy, while Kraken still needs to shake their nerves.

Tuesday, Group B

HEIST Gaming Club vs. ORDER (3-2)

This was always going to be a good match. Two heavyweight teams, both with good odds for finals. A tidy opening fight by ORDER on Illios was swept out from under them by HEIST. A crucial Self-Destruct from Guzto saw HEIST claim Ruins followed by Lighthouse without any trouble.

ORDER chose Hollywood and briefly had the upper hand after two successful team fights on the point left them with six minutes on the clock. The payload stalled out, though, with more of HEIST’s trademark Graviton/Self-Destruct combos. The extremely aggressive defense from HEIST halted the payload halfway to point B.

Adam and Jordation gave HEIST a taste of their own medicine with a quad Grav/Self-Destruct Combo the next round, chasing their opponents back to spawn. HEIST eventually captured in overtime, thanks to Bus switching to Wrecking Ball and another combo from Guzto.

ORDER seemed to have gotten things tidied up (in order, you might say) over halftime. They broke out the classic GOATS comp on Hanamura for a lengthy attack on point A and a much quicker follow up to point B. HEIST saw a similar performance, leaving both teams with around 4 minutes on the clock each. The tie breaker went in ORDER’s favour 4-3 after a mediocre defense from HEIST. Route 66 went to ORDER again 2-1 – looks like Quatz has been playing some Metal Gear Solid lately.


Tiebreaker map Nepal went to a tiebreaker itself, where HEIST managed to shake off their opponents and claim the map 2-1. A vital boop from JungleJazz eliminated ORDER’s Reinhardt and that was enough to push HEIST to victory.

HEIST supports JungleJazz and Dalsu were the stars of the show today. Some great coordination out of the two of them to save the team from Grav combos, with only one or two bad calls or doubled support ultimates.

Freshman Class vs. Melbourne Mavericks (0-4)

Another fair matchup unexpectedly went solidly in the way of the Mavericks. A fumbled initial attack for FMC and headshots galore from Melbourne DPS Nox saw the Mavericks pocket Ilios 2-0.

The Freshmen looked to Numbani for some success and almost found it, quickly capping the first point and tearing Melbourne to shreds with a quad Self-Destruct from Badd. The Mavericks shot back with a triple SD of their own that helped stabilise the fight. A good few cracks at point B ultimately failed and with an Earthshatter from Minny the round was over. Melbourne took point A with an easy five minutes banked on their own attack, smashing the Freshmen’s defenses without any trouble at all.

FMC’s disappointing run kept on running after moving to Horizon Lunar Colony. What should have been a fight winning Nano-Blade from FMC got only one pick and a lost team fight. It’d be a filthy waste if Melbourne wasn’t cleaning up so well. FMC failed to get a single tick. The Mavericks swapped to attack, took that one tick and the series.

Freshman Class took Route 66 as a chance to experiment, trying out a Bastion that was rapidly deleted. Even with a solid wipe against the Mavericks thanks to Badd’s, FMC totally failed to capture even one point. Melbourne’s attack was as tidy as ever and they take the series 4-0.

Last week’s FMC against ORDER just isn’t the team that showed up this week, but Melbourne didn’t coast off of a weak opponent. Every member of Mavericks deserves credit for the clean sweep.

Breakway Esports vs. Kanga Esports (3-1)

Kanga took the initial lead on Ilios with a classic GOATS comp, losing and regaining the points several times. Tank player Davi really stomped here, using Reinhardt to take charge of Lighthouse and Orisa on Well to shield Lush’s McCree. Breakaway failed to break through; Kanga took their first map win for season 3 with Illios.

Breakaway and Kanga moved away from GOATS on Numbani, rolling a Sombra dive comp with a 76 for Breakaway’s defense to counter Kanga’s offensive Pharah. Breakaway found their stride with a great defense before swapping back to GOATS to hold just before point B.

Kanga’s defense started off good, Lush effortlessly shutting down every attack with Tactical Visor but only after two ticks were taken. The final tick was eventually captured and Breakaway again returned to GOATS. Kanga choked in the final seconds, Davi dropping to a solo Grav and Breakaway tying the series up 1-1.

Horizon Lunar Colony had to be paused early on, with Kanga’s Render suffering connection issues. Forced to reset his ultimate charge and spawn, Kanga was forced to waste valuable time. SlidzorJ kept up a great defense on Junkrat but eventually Kanga caught up. Kanga’s offense rolled through on point A followed by point B. Breakaway showed an identical performance on attack and took an extra point and the map 3-2.

In a welcome respite, Dorado replaced Route 66 as the escort map. Kanga’s final shot at victory fell far short, leaving them with a total of zero points on Dorado. Breakaway took the point and thus won the series 3-1. A rough day for Kanga – fights went well for them until the confusion of multiple ultimates broke out. Connection issues for Render didn’t help either.

Week two of Contenders Australia saw another set of fun matches. Ever one-sided for the Drop Bears, we at least got a tense series from ORDER vs. HEIST (a game to watch if there ever was one) and the cobwebs have come off of Legacy in time to catch up on the standings.

Australia standings after Week 2 / Source: Overwatch Contenders

Week three of Contenders Australia begins Monday, December 3rd at 10am AEDT/11am AEST. That’s Sunday, December 2nd 3pm PST or 6pm EST for Americans. Also, make sure to catch former Drop Bears tank Trill on Team Envy in Contenders NA tomorrow night!

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