Preseason Tomorrow

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

Preseason tomorrow begins. Everyone will be watching. The hardcore fans have been speculating on how this league will run. The fans will be ready. The League will be set with a killer production value. All eyes turn to Overwatch.

You can see our breakdown of the matches here. However there are other things to look forward too. San Francisco Shock fans get a double dose of Overwatch as their team fills in for the Fusion who had some player issues, most likely Visa problems. The Florida Mayhem get to show their stuff as many Misfit fans will be ready to follow the gang from Contenders.

Photo by Garrett Fuller


The Los Angeles Valiant has been very popular and will enter with a new team from the Immortals in Contenders, will San Fran be fed up by the second game, or will they be well ready to take hold of California?

The main things to look at here are the production value and broadcasting. This really is a solid dry run for how the season will go all year. They will be ironing out the kinks and making sure by January 10th it will be smooth. Expect promotions of gear and banter about the teams to come up.

The Friday and Saturday matches will be determined by the results of Wednesday and Thursday making for an interesting preseason style tournament. The main questions is, how will it do with viewership? Well, PlayOverwatch on Twitch has almost 300K subscribers. These numbers should be pretty high for the opening night. The tournament idea is a great way to get fans excited.

The other big match tomorrow night is the Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty. A solid fight and we’ll see how the Dynasty really come out swinging. Do not count out the Dragons though. Fans will tune in for sure on this one.

Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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