Overwatch League – Dragons vs Fuel – S3W1

2018-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

And just like that Overwatch League is back! After what has been the busiest mid-stage signing period yet, we will see many teams with new faces. One of those teams is the Dallas Fuel who have swapped Custa for Unkoe, reuniting the Frenchman with AKM. As for the Dragons, we see some new faces with Ado and Daemin, and with the ever popular Geguri, they hope to gel they’re young roster and get their first victory of the season.

Starting Lineups


Dragons- Ado, Fearless, Daemin, Geguri, Sky, Altering

Fuel- Effect, Mickie, Seagull, AKM, Unkoe, HarryHook


Map One – Volskaya

Here we go, Shanghai came out on the attack running  a standard dive but the first attempt was immediately stuffed by the Dallas defense. The Dragons were forced to regroup and begin their second push, Effect was able to get a double kill and stopped the push on its tracks. Shortly after, the new Dragon Ado was able to kick of the push with a Dragonblade eliminating two of the Fuel and giving the space that that Dragons needed in order to take the first point. After the first point is taken, we saw the quick switch from AKM to Sombra, and what a switch it was. Every push the Dragons attempted, was thwarted by the Sombra in some way. The Shanghai support Sky and Altering had no answer to the hacks, as AKm was able to hack the Dragons 17 times in that round. The final push from the Dragons was led by Ado with a strong Dragonblade to eliminate the Sombra but not before the Mercy was hacked which would lead to the Fuel overwhelming the Dragons and shutting them out on the Second Point.

As Dallas was preparing to come out on attack, we saw the Shanghai defense set up a trick play of sorts waiting for the Fuel outside of their spawn. The planned was a success for the most part as they were able to eliminate most of the Fuel, but the keyword was most, Effect was able to sneak past the Shanghai defense and begin the backcap on the point in order to get the defense to the point and away from his spawn. This was able to give the Fuel enough space to regroup and begin their push on to the point. As the organized push began from Dallas, Effect was able to begin picking of the Dragons one by one, accounting for 5 kills in the first organized team for Dallas, allowing them to capture the first point with authority. The ball kept rolling for Dallas as they were able to completely run over Shanghai. Effect was completely overwhelm the defense and open up the way for them to take the second point even more impressively than the last.

Dallas Fuel wins 2-1


Map Two – Numbani

Shanghai began the attack hoping to redeem themselves from the last map. That they did, the Dragons were able to shake up the Fuel defense after Ado once again kicks out the Dragonblade and is able to get yet another double kill and the Dragons are able to begin capturing the point. Just as they are reaching 100% AKM is able to get a quad kill with his Tac-visor and stop the Dragons percentage at 93% for the time being. As the dragons regrouped and build another Dragonblade for Ado who is able to get 3 kills this team, and make sure that Dallas was eliminated from the point. After they are able to capture the first point, AKM switched to Sombra once again, and once again was a nightmare for the backline of Shanghai. In the final minute, one of the final pushes for Shanghai was deflated by Effect who was able to get a double kill on a Pulse bomb, ultimately shutting down the Shanghai offense and holding to a clean hold on the second point.

The Fuel came out with clear intentions on winning this map quick and clean. But once again they were met by a surprise attack from the Dragons. Only this time, the Fuel were able to fight back and force the defense to backup to the point. The tradeoffs for each team helped Dallas a lot more than Shanghai. Effect was still riding high and lead the way for Dallas to quickly eliminate the remaining Dragons in order to give Dallas the point. As the Fuel captured the first point, Effect and AKM were off creating space for the payload.As the payload was cruising through the streets and to the checkpoint needed, Dallas was picking apart the Shanghai defense. AKM was able to use a Tac-visor in order to seal the deal for Dallas to take the map 2 victory.

Dallas Fuel wins 2-1


Map Three – Illios


With Dallas knowing that this could be their victory right here, the Dragon’s were hoping to avoid it. The first skirmish to take the initial capture of the point quickly went the Fuel’s way. Once the Fuel captured the point, they never looked back. Effect and AKM were too much for Shanghai at times, as they had no answer for the Fuel defense. Effect and Mickie were jumping in and out of the point, creating chaos for the Dragons. But once again it was Ado who is able to come up clutch with the Dragonblade and eliminate 5 Fuel players, flipping the point to Shanghai to defend. Dallas took a team fight in order to regroup, and the flip of the switch was the tag team effort from Effect and AKM to eliminate the Shanghai support and give Dallas the point and ultimately the round win.


The classic Widow duel continued here as AKM and Daemin kicked off their dance. Each team was doing trying to their best to help their respective Widow, but it was AKM who had the advantage early on. As the percentage for Dallas got closer to 100%, the Dallas Widow was getting better. The Dragons shining light Ado was once again able to have the moment of glory and switched the point to Shanghai. But it is not enough, AKM began to hit the shots needed in order to give his team the advantage whenever any team fight arose. Picking off the enemy Lucio twice in the final 30 seconds of the round, the Fuel were able to hold off the Shanghai attack and take the round, map, and match victory.


Dallas Fuel wins 2-0


Map Four – Junkertown

We have arrived to the map of shame. The Dragons playing to prove something to themselves and to the world. Dallas was looking for the 4-0 sweep. The first point for the Dragons was a real test as for almost the entirety of the timer, the payload would not move on smoothly. Fearless for the Dragons was able to get the hooks and kills that would open the way for Shanghai to take the first point just as time expires. With the clock reset over 2 minutes, the Dragons rode the momentum from the first point on through the second, as Geguri and Fearless were beginning to figure out the Fuel defense. The Shanghai tanks looked unstoppable as the payload was move through the second point. As Dallas was beginning to organize themselves, the payload was able to capture a crucial second point, and begin its path to the final third point. The Dallas defense was able to hold out till the clock hit 0 and the overtime timer began. Winning the staggered team fights and able to eliminate all Dragons off of the point, right before it reaches the final point.

Dallas came out on the attack a little unorthodox, double sniper. Effect running the Widow, and had no mercy for the Dragons. Taking out Shanghai players left and right, the Fuel looked impressive on the first point as they were able quickly take the first point. Unfortunately for the Fuel this would be their last moment of triumph, as it was all Shanghai after the first point was captured. Led behind tremendous tank play from Fearless and Geguri, the Dragons were able to completely shut out the efforts of the Sombra that had plagued them before. Shutting out the Dallas Fuel on the second point and taking map 4.


Shanghai Dragons Win 2-1


Match Score- Dallas Fuel Win 3-1



The real question after watching this match was, how is Effect not the MVP? The tracer main was on another level tonight, as every map and round was affected to a large degree by his Tracer. The Dragons had no answer to him all night, Ado showed moments of glory, but was not able to carry at the same level as Effect.


Match Rating- 8/10

This was a match for the fans, the Fuel look like the team they were supposed to be the past two stages. Showing skill on every position of its roster. Every Shanghai fan out there should be ecstatic about the performance shown today. Ado looks like a star Genji in the making, and the new tank duo of Geguri and Fearless is a sign of good things to come.

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