Overwatch League Fan Guide – Preseason

Overwatch Arena

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League Fan Guide is here! The League preseason begins tonight. The first shots will be officially fired, the first heals and tanks played. Hardcore fans are ready, will you be there as well? Here is our quick guide to help you get involved!

Step 1 – Where to Watch?

You can also find games at OverwatchLeague.com and MLG.tv. The first game will play at 4 pm PST. That is 7 pm EST for us East Coasters. Games run all night with 3 full matches tonight.

Step 2 – Who to Cheer For?

Play Overwatch, but don’t really keep up with esports? That is okay too. Tonight you have several U.S. match ups as well as a huge battle between Seoul and Shanghai late in the evening. As a player you will want to watch for sure. Getting ideas from some of the top teams is really fantastic. These guys play 24/7 and watching the highlights from their games really is fun.

Best answer to this is cheer for your city. Tonight, San Francisco gets a double shot of Overwatch for the Shock. L.A. can see their Valiant play, and Florida Mayhem takes the screen. Lastly, the Dynasty from Seoul are one of the top teams predicted, so they are worth checking out. Also, Shanghai boasts a unique team from China who will turn some heads for sure

Shock vs. Mayhem

A mixed team vs a hardened team from Contenders. The Mayhem are the Misfits from Contenders and have not changed much of their roster. The Shock is down Sinatraa and Super due to age, but they still host a tough squad. The story here is, can a newly made mixed team face off against a team that has been playing since the summer at least?

Shock vs. Valiant

The Immortals are a very successful esports organization. However, their roster did not fair well in Contenders this summer and fall. The new team and killer logo now face off against the Shock. L.A. has some of the best players too from World Cup play, so keep an eye on them.

Dragons vs. Dynasty

Simple question, can someone de-thrown the Korean teams? Well, Shanghai gets their first shot. If the Dragons put up a solid fight, suddenly everyone will see the chinks in Seoul’s armor. That is the first step. Where it goes from there will be the real story here.

Step 3 – Join up on Discord and Twitter

On Discord? Then join, it takes seconds and all of the teams have their own servers. You can find the main Discord link here. Also, Twitter has been the main battleground for trash talk among teams. These are the easiest places to get involved. Find your fellow fans and get involved.

Step 4 – Team Gear

Blizzard just announced the team gear yesterday. So, you can order your hats, jerseys, shirts, and even a jacket. If you want to support the teams, go for it. For us, we are collecting hats!

See you all tonight for the games!!

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