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Overwatch League Minority Report: The Loudest Minority

I’ve always hated my voice.


Depending on the day, it varies between contralto with hints of Philadelphia, New York, and Trinidadian accents, and that of a 12-year-old boy with strep throat who’s also going through puberty. I understand, to a point, how people could mistake my gender by hearing my voice without seeing my face. With time, I was able to shrug it off without feeling too offended. After all, I don’t think accidentally being considered male is offensive, unless it’s deliberately used to mock my femininity.

And then, there was Overwatch.

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Brittany "Briggsycakes" Gonzalez is a litta bitta switcha hitta Trinirican winna from Philly/New York who now resides in California as the Los Angeles Valiant's official hypewoman/meme victim. She can easily be bribed with apple pie and macaroni and cheese and thrives when writing about her own personal experiences regarding humanity's place in the esports/social media age. Don't @ her unprepared. Follow Briggsy on Twitter here.

Sharpen Your Spurs, Outlaws- the Dallas Fuel Are Coming: Watch Out! S4W4

This. Week. Phew. We have got some intense Overwatch ahead of us.

I think the end of the season is really starting to hit me. It feels like I wrote the first Watch Out a week or two ago, not during Christmas… the passage of time sure is something, eh?
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Brandon Padilla
Brandon has followed competitive gaming since 2008 and has been featured several times in PCGamer Magazine, and has bylines with The Game Haus and Afterwatch. His mix of in-depth analysis and experienced opinions lends itself well to coverage of the Overwatch League.Follow Brandon on Twitter!