– Our Mission –

To provide the best possible, timely experience to anyone who wants to stay up to date with the Overwatch League.


– About –

We’re a small group of lifelong gamers looking to bring our varied experiences and interests together to cover a game we love, made by people we love, for the community that we love.  We’ve got a wide array of experience in sectors such as marketing, software engineering, public relations and product management. Combining our knowledge and close proximity to the gaming industry will allow us to create an amazing site and community around this spectacular new league that Blizzard is creating.


We’ll be able to deliver great news, streams, interviews, and editorials to give you everything on the Overwatch League. Contact us and tell us what you like, what you want to see more of, and where you think we can improve. We’ll see you at tournaments, conventions, and gatherings that will allow us to get to know you all face-to-face.


With the announcement of the first teams and the Overwatch League’s commitment to major cities, we believe this is the inflection point that’s going to lead to massive growth in Esports worldwide. This is going to be great for long-time gamers and fans who have been waiting for mainstream attention and investment that will lead to the sports they love becoming epic! We want to be here for you. This league is going to bring in mainstream attention that has never been on Esports before and with it new fans. We want to be here for those new fans!



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