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HulkTastic Cup

HulkTastic Cup was played this weekend in honor of Overwatch legend Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka. His untimely passing last week shook all of us in Overwatch with sadness. The huge loss to the community, Dennis was a player, coach, and friend loved by all. Nothing is worse than losing someone early in life and he will be missed for generations.

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London Spitfire Tracer

How to View The Overwatch League in Europe?

One of the big questions is how will Overwatch League games be broadcast in Europe with the recently released broadcast schedule. It is nearly impossible to make the timing work for everyone globally with all the games being played in California the first year. With lots of European players in the league and teams from all over North America representing talent, how can the European fans get involved?

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World Cup Finals and Overwatch League

Overwatch World Cup Grand Finals at BlizzCon took place on November 4th, with Canada’s unlikely run being met by the dominant South Korean team. Cultural esports dichotomies aside, this matchup would highlight what professional Overwatch is all about. You have Canada, a team full of big personalities and individual talent from the most criticized region in professional gaming, going up against the prototypical and historical champions in a narrative everyone was hoping for. Creativity, aggression, and adaptability were the name of the game in the Grand Finals. Here’s how everything played out.

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