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Overwatch League: Playoff Implications in Every Match

Day One of Week Two in this fourth and final Stage of the OWL’s inaugural season was a doozie. The surprises continue, as the Brigitte meta seems to be turning the OWL on its head. Dallas improved to 2-1, giving themselves their first over .500 stage record of the season. Los Angeles Valiant took down the Florida Mayhem to improve their lead over the Seoul Dynasty in the Pacific Division. To finish the night Los Angeles’s other team the Gladiators took down the Houston Outlaws, improving their playoff chances.

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Breaking Down Brigette | Overwatch League Stage Four Week One

As Stage 4 of the Overwatch League began, there was plenty of clamor about the introduction of Overwatch’s newest hero into the OWL servers, Brigette. Brigette is an armor-centric support hero who wields a mace and shield for individual defense. She excels in shutting down “dive heroes” such as Tracer, Genji, Winston and D.Va by stunning and shield bashing them out of position and providing repair packs to her team. Let’s take a look at how she performed in her first week on stage!

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The Seoul Dynasty are in for a Hell of a Week as Houston’s Hot Streak is Put to the Test: Watch Out! (S4W2)

What a stage it’s been so far, huh? I kinda (and by kinda I mean definitely) regret missing Watch Out last week, but final exams wait for no man, even if there were amazing Overwatch games to cover. With those finals now totally (hopefully) passed, it’s time to take a look at this week’s matches!

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Overwatch League – NYXL stay on top, Shanghai remain at the bottom

Week One of Stage Four came to a close with a bang. Philadelphia cemented themselves in the playoff conversation, Shanghai continued their winless season (extended their record of worst streak in all of esports), and the NYXL stayed atop the table with a convincing victory over those rivals from across the pond the London Spitfire. Read more …

Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators continue to dominate while the Seoul Dynasty are unable to find their footing – S4W1D3

Los Angeles Gladiators are definitely the team with the best chances to get this number one spot in Stage 4. After winning 3-1 vs. the San Francisco Shock on Wednesday, they continued to dominate the series against the Dallas Fuel.

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Los Angeles Gladiators Shields Up

Coaching In The Overwatch League With DPei, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Gladiators | Overwatch League | Video

I got a chance to chat with David ‘DPei’ Pei, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Gladiators about Coaching in the Overwatch League. We discuss the different subject matter a coach can focus on, work-life balance, the evolution of the coaching role in Overwatch, and a bunch more. This is part of episode one of OWL Things Considered, an Overwatch Podcast, and Youtube Show.

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