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Blizzcon Standouts: Players Who Aren’t In The Overwatch League…Yet

This year’s Overwatch World Cup featured teams from all across the world, stacked with talented players and coaches. Before Blizzcon, a math equation developed in the minds of many viewers: more Overwatch League players + World Cup = an easy win. But by the time Team USA, Team France, and Team Finland were unceremoniously knocked out of competition on Day 1, it became obvious that wasn’t true. If three of the most OWL-player-heavy teams couldn’t do it, who could?

The underdogs, that’s who. I’ve decided to highlight a few players who showed their mettle, helped their teams, and gave game-winning performances at the World Cup…and who aren’t in the Overwatch League.* Yet.

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Overwatch World Cup: Blizzcon Semifinals and Finals Predictions

The Quarterfinals of yesterday’s World Cup matches were, to say the least, truly shocking. With two major upsets and three 3-0 finishes, it wasn’t the competition many people were expected. Today the fun continues with the Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match, and Gold Medal Match. We have you covered with continuing predictions that are hopefully more accurate than literally everyone’s predictions yesterday.

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Overwatch World Cup: Quarterfinal Predictions and More!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Blizzcon is upon us once again, and on November 2-3, the eight teams who have passed regional Qualifiers will fight it out for the Overwatch World Cup title. The question on everyone’s mind: can reigning champions South Korea continue their winning streak? Or will they be dethroned by a scrappy competitor? Before we hold our breath for finals, we go to quarterfinal matches. All quarterfinal matches are a best-of-five and will be held on Friday, November 2.

Not sure which teams to pick for your bracket or what to argue with your friends about? I’ve got you covered. Each match below includes a numerical prediction, justification and background, as well as a “Spiciness Rating” of one to five stars. One star means it’s better to catch the VOD later; five stars means you’d better sit down and watch this match, because it’s all anyone will be talking about. May the odds be ever in your team’s favor.

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OWL’s First Official Cosplayer Ups the Ante For Season 2

It may be Halloween, but for the Houston Outlaws’ official cosplayer Jordyn McCoy, cosplaying is more than just dress up. It’s about rallying the community and supporting the Outlaws no matter where they are. It may seem like a dream come true to represent the Outlaws all around the nation – and it is, says McCoy – but it all started in Texas with a lot of hard work and dedication. McCoy is the first ever official contracted cosplayer in esports, a position the Outlaws created entirely for her when they saw her impact in the esports community back in Austin.

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To Treason, With Love: Supporting World Cup Teams Beyond Borders

Home is where the heart is. But what does it take to stray from your homeland and put your faith elsewhere? With Blizzcon approaching, I interviewed fans from across the globe who have broken with the idea that home means instant support: fans who are primarily supporting teams other than their home country in the Overwatch World Cup. I wanted to find out why. Treason, after all, is a crime punishable by jail time.

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Believe The Hype: Team USA, Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

(Note: To experience the full effect of this piece, your author humbly suggests that it be soundtracked with the Roots’ edition of ‘My Shot’ from the Hamilton Mixtape, available on YouTube and Spotify.)

I will acknowledge that, on a surface level, it’s patently ridiculous to call them ‘underdogs’.

After all, Team USA’s 2018 starting roster for the Overwatch World Cup is the stuff of an opposing backline’s worst nightmares. They’ve got both proven performers and insane upcoming talent, with a wealth of high-pressure LAN experience from OWL’s grueling first season. With battle-tested supports, dominant DPS, and a tank line for which ‘godlike’ feels like damning with faint praise, calling them underdogs should be laughable.

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