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Overwatch League Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again: The off-season. For Overwatch League fans, it’s hard to wait until February to finally see our favorite team in action. We’ve kept track of the player signings and all the trades. We’ve been following the newly announced teams on Twitter. But it’s still hard to be patient.

So let’s use Christmas (and Hanukkah – although that’s already passed) as a way to help lift everyone’s spirits! Get your friends, significant other, family and co-workers pumped for Season 2 by giving them some sweet Overwatch-themed gifts this season.

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Contenders North America Recap: Week 2

The second week of North American Contenders is complete, and we’re getting a good dose of holiday spice. If you missed out on some matches, never fear, we have you covered. Due to personal circumstances, I missed recapping Week 1 of Contenders, but don’t worry. The “theme” of Week 1 applies to this week’s matches as well: Academy teams can bleed, don’t underestimate the importance of a D.Va, and Second Wind creates miracles. Read on for recaps, match MVPs, and next week’s predictions!

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Contenders China Recap: Week 3

This week’s Contenders China recap was completed with the invaluable help of Eren “Kenobi” Erkey — thanks for the assist!

We are now over halfway through the group stages of Contenders China, and we’re starting to get a good picture of who will be progressing to the playoffs and who will be headed back to trials. 3 teams in each group have locked in their playoff spot – T1w Esports Club, Team CC and LinGan e-Sports for Group A, and Big Time Regal Gaming, Flag Gaming and LGD Gaming for Group B. No one has yet been eliminated from playoff contention, however, so every matchup is still important.

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Back to the Grind: Watchpoint 2019 Preview

Finally, after months of waiting, the first Watchpoint of Season 2 aired — and provided the much anticipated opening week schedule. There were some big changes that will be implemented in season 2 in the hopes of providing a much more dynamic year and taking into consideration the players’ needs.

First, the eight expansion teams were formally introduced. In the Atlantic Division, the Atlanta Reign, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, and Washington Justice were added, along with the Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, and  Vancouver Titans for the Pacific Division.

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Contenders Australia: Week 3 Recap

Some true variation from the ever-present GOATS came up this week. Veteran teams saw a rattling by some rookies, but all in all, the status quo didn’t get mixed up too much. We’re beyond halfway through Contenders Australia now, so while we might have a strong idea of the leaders going into playoffs (Sydney and Melbourne, that means you), it’s not yet too late for an upset for other qualifying teams.

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Minority Report: I Am Not Your Brown Person

I don’t think I’ve experienced anything more polarizing than Blizzcon.

I tried and failed several times to write a Minority Report feature on it. Why wouldn’t I? It was my first Blizzcon, it was on my birthday, and my best friends surprised me with a supreme Brigitte armor set, complete with a mace to put directly in your face. I expected to write about me cheering for Australia instead of USA during World Cup (I was made an honorary Australian, don’t @ me), being pissed that Ashe was the new character (B.O.B is cool though), and struggling, first-world-problems style, with how the Brigitte armor significantly decreased my New York walking speed (I was called “Speedy” in high school for a reason). The whole weekend went by in a flash, but I remember a lot of smiles, a lot of incredible support for my cosplay, and a lot of time surrounded by the best friends a woman could ask for.

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Vancouver Titans Aim to Run Away with OWL Season 2

The worst-kept secret of the first Overwatch League offseason has finally been revealed.

The Vancouver Titans were unveiled as the seventh of the eight new OWL teams during Saturday’s Vancouver Canucks hockey game. The team is owned by Canucks Sports & Entertainment, and is co-managed in partnership with Canadian esports veterans Luminosity Gaming. The team’s blue and green color scheme echoes that of their sister NHL team and its AHL counterpart.

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10 Reasons To Start Watching Overwatch Contenders

Contenders season is upon us. It’s a very exciting time, but for many fans who are new to the Overwatch League and the Overwatch esports scene as a whole, entering into the wide open world of Tier 2 competition is daunting. I’ve heard a lot of excuses.

“I don’t know any of the players, who do I root for?”
“When is it even on? Isn’t it ALWAYS on?”
“I only know OWL, I feel like I’m not informed enough to start Contenders now.”

Good news. I’m here to get you on the Contenders train.

I’ll be blunt with you, especially those of you who have only watched the Overwatch League. There’s still another two months until OWL returns, there’s nothing else on, and whether you admit it or not, you’ll miss the action of games eventually. Luckily for us, there are seven – yes, SEVEN – active regions of Contenders that are almost always playing. Here are ten good reasons, from Contenders talent, coaches, and analysts, to stop crying into your stack of Outlaws jerseys and join the Contenders party.

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Contenders China Recap: Week 2

This week’s Contenders China recap was completed with the invaluable help of Eren “Kenobi” Erkey — thanks for the assist!

After Week 2 of Contenders China, we’ve started to get a sense of who’s on top and who might be missing out on a playoff spot as we reach the end of the group stages. T1w Esports Club and Team CC are yet to drop a map, as expected, but a dark horse in LinGan e-Sports is keeping pace and has also registered two shutout victories. On the other side of the standings, we have five teams yet to win their first map, although two of these teams are set to play each other on this upcoming Saturday. What else did we learn from Week 2?

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The Great Jebait: LA Gladiators Turn OWL Twitter Upside-Down

Okay, just to be clear, I am the hypewoman for the Los Angeles Valiant, but like my mama always said, “Game recognize game.”

So, as I am casually scrolling the hell that is Twitter and talking to my friends, Suddenly, I read this bombshell of a tweet:

Wait, what?

Rest assured, I am hardly the type to indulge in bitter rivalry over sports teams, and this should surprise you given that I originate from Philadelphia, the home of some of the worst sports fans in history. I have voluntarily declined to go to home games because of this. So if I were to act similarly, I would see this as something beneficial. However, seeing Shaz and BigGoose being unceremoniously and in many respects illogically dropped from the team given them being fan and league favorites did make me raise an eyebrow and provide my own WTF reaction. Both players put up aggressively good numbers during the first season of Overwatch League and helped the Gladiators get to the playoffs, so it really didn’t make sense to me.

And I wasn’t the only one who believed that, as OWL Twitter erupted with comments from fans, players, and the like, most of them shocked and unable to comprehend why. Even Bischu provided a rather simple, yet sad tweet expressing his grief:

On the fans’ side, I have never seen so many sad, angry, and hilariously dramatic gifs in my life. While cruising through them, I saw the love and devotion the Gladiators fans had for this team and their players. I reaffirmed my belief that if you truly loved and cared about a team, you sure as hell were not afraid to criticize if you believed they’d done something wrong. The fiery response was very heartwarming, but you’d best believe in due time, I was laughing my ass off.

Because 18 minutes later, this happened:

The eruption. Was so real. Fans, the media, and damn near everyone in OWL provided a spectrum of reactions that was unlike anything I had ever seen in a long time. The seven stages of grief were replaced with countless stages of ‘WTF’ as the realization set in that the team hadn’t dropped one of the most popular support duos in the league, but had in fact added to it. There was cursing, there was repudiation, there was praise and playful scorn for Analynn Dang, the social media and community director for the team who’d just pulled off probably the best jebait since…well, The Great Bamboozle.

I had gone to the gym for the first time in months this morning, and yet I wore myself out more by laughing. It was perfect. Not only were Shaz and BigGoose staying, but the Gladiators added Riku “Ripa” Toivanen, giving them more strength in their support line. Riku also turns 18 tomorrow, so I imagine this is a perfect birthday gift: a memorable introduction, and being signed to a formidable team to boot.

If the social media campaigns for all the teams continue like this, then we are in for a hell of a ride in season 2. I, for one, cannot wait.