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Overwatch League – Opinion: A Draw is a Draw

One of the earliest changes to Overwatch League format made after the season had started was to move the hybrid maps to the first map played from being the last. This was after the first day match between Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuel ended in a 2-1 victory for the Dynasty, the last map being a draw and a similar ending the next week to the Philadelphia Fusion vs San Francisco Shock match that saw the Fusion win 2-1 with the last map being a draw. Read more …

CWoosH and Soe

Overwatch League – The Map of Shame Must End

With the end of the Overwatch League Stage 1, so must the practice of having teams play through the fourth map (the Map of Shame) after being steamrolled and having already lost the match must end. This practice is anti-climactic to every match in which it occurs and demoralizing to both the team and the fans of the team that is on the losing end.

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